Floss like a boss! - Oral Health Month

This September, national Oral Health Month, learn how to ‘floss like a boss’ with international oral care brand Sunstar GUM*. Cleaning in-between the teeth can be quick and easy if you have the right tools and know how to do it correctly. (image source)

The following Sunstar GUM floss & interdental tools are available at selected Clicks, dentists, 
Dis-Chem, pharmacies and retailers:

GUM Original White Floss (RRP R51): Helps remove stains and plaque from between teeth.

GUM Expanding Floss (RRP R55): Ideal if you have small gaps between the teeth, sensitive or 
receding gums. This is easy to insert, even between the tightest contacts, and expands during use, for an exceptional clean.

I know many people, myself included, who dread flossing everyday. Trying out these two products has made me realize that with the right floss, it really can be a quick addition to your daily routine.

How to Floss Like a Boss
By Dirna Grobbelaar, Ivohealth’s Oral Hygiene Advisor

1. Take about 30cm of floss
2. Wind the floss around your middle fingers
3. Hold it floss between thumbs and index fingers
4. Slide the floss in-between teeth using a gentle back-and-forth sawing action
5. Fold floss around the side of a tooth in a C-shape
6. Slide the floss up and down, against tooth and just under the gum line
7. Repeat on the neighbouring tooth
8. Pull out and repeat using a clean section of the floss

GUM Soft-Picks Advanced (RRP R89) Disposable dental picks with soft rubber bristles that gently massage and stimulate gums. Ideal for adults and children.

GUM Trav-Lers (RRP R101) Tiny interdental brushes, ideal for normal teeth, big gaps and around crowns, bridges, implants or orthodontics.

My Husband is a pick-a-holic and he loved the soft picks. They are bendable to get into those hard to reach spaces and they reduce any bleeding of the gums whilst picking. I am a fan of the small travel case you get with the picks, just perfect for my handbag.

GUM Easy Flossers (RRP R50): Great for adults and children, with an easy to grip handle.

These easy flossers are perfect for on-the-go. When you are running around, there is just no time to measure out floss and follow home flossing procedure. If you are out at a restaurant and need to get a quick floss in after your meal, pop into the restroom and use your easy flossers.

Dental hygiene is really important so share these awesome flossing products with your friends and family! Visit the IVO Health website for more hygiene tips and ticks and find a comprehensive list of dental brands and products.


*I received these products to review and share with my readers.