Snowflake Easymix Cappuccino Muffins

One of my most popular posts through Google's search engine is the post I did on Snowflake's Easymix muffin mix. I swear by these easymix packets when I'm in a rush and need a tasty snack for visitors, family and friends. Here's a quick guide on using these Snowflake easymixes.*

When purchasing your own easymix, check the back of the package for the ingredients you will need to dry mixture they provide in the packet. For the cappuccino muffins I needed, oil, eggs and water. I made these really cute DIY muffin pan liners using this easy tutorial but if you grease your muffin tins well, you don't actually need liners.

At the back of the easymix packaging you will also find baking instructions. Once all ingredients are mixed together, you only need to bake them for about 15-20 minutes.

Pre-cooked muffin batter
Cooked muffins ready to eat!
These are THE BEST quick and easy muffins which come in many flavours. In our house we also love the bran muffin easymix which we add nuts and raisins to, to make a healthy treat. If you are a busy body and just don't have tome to bake from scratch then these easymixes are just for you!

What is your favourite muffin flavour? Mine is Lemon and Poppy Seed!


*This is not a sponsored post. All items and ingredients were purchased myself.

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