Momentous Baby Hamper

If you are a part of Momentum's rewards program, Multiply (similar to Discovery Vitality), then during your pregnancy, you qualify for the Momentous Baby program (again, similar to Vitality Baby)*. We are fortunate enough to have this benefit and one of the pregnancy perks is that you receive a baby hamper which you can claim anytime after 24 weeks.

I received my hamper this week and wanted to share it with you in case you are curious about your own hamper if you are part of the Momentous baby program**.

  • Caboodle backpack which comes with a changing mat and a wet bag (to store dirty or wet clothes). The material of the bag is not the best quality and there aren't many pockets inside but the size is perfect to fit a little persons nappies and a change of clothes without it being big and bulky.
  • A BabyCity voucher booklet with various vouchers ranging in value. My vouchers added up to  R1,200.00. The hamper does not come with a pack of nappies however the voucher booklet has a voucher where you can claim a free pack of Huggies New Baby 42's from Baby City. All the vouchers only expire in 2018 so I could still use them once baby girl gets here.
  • A baby on board sticker. This is not one of those yellow signs with a suction thingie, it is a vinyl sicker which you apply directly to your car's window. Understandably my husband is very against sticking this in his car so we will most probably not use it.
  • A small 1.5ml sample of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin nipple cream. I have heard great things about this brand so I look forward to trying it. Also, perfect size for your hospital bag.
  • A pregnancy to birth book, one + one = three by Melodie de Jager.
  • TinyLove Tiny Smarts Crinkly Bunny toy. Apparently babies love the crinkly sound so this is a great item to have received. It has a handy ring which allows you to attach it to the car seat, pram or play mat.
  •  2 BabyJoy nappy pants - I am not familiar with this brand so it will be interesting to try out.
  • Pigeon products - digital thermometer 0+ months, silicone pacifier 0-5 months, 36 honeycomb breast pads (in a box) and one pack of baby wipes (82 wipes).
  • Living and loving Magazine 12 month subscription. This is sent through regular mail so I have not yet received my first copy yet.
I would love to hear what you received in your Momentous Baby bag. Comment below or follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

* This is not a sponsored post. The benefits redeemed by Multiply are covered by our own account and I write this post as a paying client of Momentum.

**Please note that the contents of every bag may vary according to sponsors and availability. This post shows what I received but you may get something different in your bag.

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