How to save money on baby clothes

We are preparing for the arrival of our first child and with that comes the lengthy lists of "products you cannot live without" and "top 10 must have items for your new baby". No wonder moms get so overwhelmed by all of this. If your hubby is the breadwinner in the household, it is even more stressful for him than you realize. He now has to support a new life and expenses on the same budget.  He will most likely nip your shopping sprees in the bud and that's why I wanted to share a simple tip on how to save money on baby clothes, seeing as moms tend to go overboard when we see all the cute outfits.

I won't be telling you to only buy essentials and stick to the basics in order to save money, because who are we kidding, that is simply not realistic and causes more stress in the end as we clearly look unprepared. So dearest mom-to-be, you are allowed to gush over the cute outfits and you can load more than just one item into your basket but here's the tip; only buy on clearance!

Instead of shopping less, shop smarter. Buy Summer clothing when your favorite stores' Winter stock comes in and they need to get rid of the old stuff. And Vice Versa, buy winter clothes when it starts warming up. Most stores will mark their items down to at least 50% off at clearance sales. You can easily gauge how big your baby will be in the months ahead so you can easily prepare by only shopping clearance sales.

For Example, our baby is due in Winter and right now all the Winter stock is trickling into my favourite stores but I am not buying those fluffy bear costumes yet because I have my eye on the Summer clothes that they are pulling off the shelves. Baby Girl will be 6 months in Summer so I can purchase Summer clothes, in 6-12 month sizes, as soon as they are hung in the clearance section. In the end you will most likely get that fluffy bear costume at your baby shower so win, win!

That's it!
This tip can save you quite a bit of money which you can then spend on other much needed items. One less worry for the mom-to-be.

Watch my most recent video where I share the items I have purchased, 90% of them I bought on clearance.


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