Qualities I have recently learnt about myself

I received tremendous feedback on my last "What I have recently learnt about myself" post so I though I would share another. This is what I have learn't about myself over the past month or so.

1. I am a fast learner, which I discovered this year when doing crochet crafts and most recently, learning to play the guitar. It is still a challenge but I like to think that I pick things up quickly and after only 5 short days, I could play a simple melody. It's rewarding when you can surprise yourself like that and I can definitely say that trying new things and succeeding is one of my favourite things about this year and I am excited to try many new things in 2016.

2. I could be a bookworm. This past Friday I tagged along when Malcolm embarked on a last minute work trip to KZN. I will be here for just over a week and seeing as I am away from home, this frees up a lot of time where I would be doing dishes, re-organising cupboards or cleaning hedgehog cages. I got to read a book over the weekend. Which is really unlike me. I enjoyed getting caught up in a story and it was refreshing to let my mind wonder, imagine and picture things through the writers words. The book was not that great but it was the actual task of reading that I enjoyed. I might get a few more books to ready whilst I have the time. If you are interested or are already and avid bookworm I suggest visiting Bella-Mi who is an SA Blogger who shares her recent reads and refers you to books which she enjoyed and you might too.

3. I procrastinate, which may be the worst discovery because I detest procrastinators. I can't pinpoint the exact moment I became like this but I see myself putting things on hold and I say "I'll do it later/tomorrow" far more than I'd like to admit (hence the lack of blog posts). This is possibly something I can look at improving in 2016. I wasn't always like this so it can be fixed.

4. I find social media tiring to keep track of. They say that it's 10% blogging and 90% social media networking and getting your content out here but sjoe, keeping track of who posts what where and when is a little much at times. For me Twitter is the platform that I neglect the most when I simply don't have time to read through or post. You really have to filter out the junk to get to the good posts. If you need me, I'll be on Instagram, my fave platform to share all that I love.

5. I rely on people more than I realise. I have always deemed myself independent and if I had to be on my own I would be ay-okay but I need to adjust my view and how I define independence because I rely on a lot of people around me and should give them credit for bringing me to where I am today. Like my parents, siblings and more recently my best friend and husband. I will try and focus this appreciation to where it needs to go in 2016.

These posts always take a lot of pondering but I always feel better for taking the time to write them. Take 5 minutes and think of a few things you have recently learnt about yourself. If you'd like, share them below so I can see :)


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