Homemade Chicken Wraps

This simple chicken wrap recipe is a winner in our house because it is really easy to throw together and it is one of the healthier meal choices you can make. This will be an update for my Chicken Wrap post I did in 2013. My methods, tastes and general knowledge on food has increased drastically since then so here is how we do chicken wraps in our house...version 2.0.

Brown wraps,
Lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber and tomato,
Yellow pepper (optional),
Cubed chicken fried in your preferred spices,
Sun dried onions,
Ranch dressing.

Substitute Options
Switch out the sun dried onions by frying fresh onion with your cubed chicken,
Yellow pepper adds great colour but green pepper and red pepper also work well,
Pickles add a great pop of flavour is you are a fan,
Mayonnaise can be used instead of ranch dressing for a creamier texture,
Add mushroom and cheese if you want a "Mega Deluxe" wrap.

Heat your wrap in the microwave for 25 seconds, this will make folding easier as it makes the wrap more susceptible to bending. Then add your ingredients, in no particular order, remembering to stay in the center of the wrap, in a line, and leave a 4-5cm space at the bottom for folding. 

Here is how I layered my wrap: 1 teaspoon of ranch dressing, lettuce and spinach, cucumber, tomato and yellow pepper, chicken and lastly a sprinkle of sun dried onions. I like my wraps extra crunchy and this is the reason for my ingredient choices but you can really add anything you want. I also used lemon and rosemary seasoning which added a nice fresh, herb-ie, flavour. For a more filling meal, add some oven baked chips, a handful of crisps (like lays or Simba chips) or a fruit salad which doubles up as a healthy desert. Use your imagination and incorporate your favourite foods to ensure a delicious meal.

I had originally started making these wraps in our home because it was one of Malcolm's favourite things to eat when we went out on dates and making them at home was so much cheaper back when we were students. I'm glad this is still a "meal tradition" we have at least once a month and I'm super happy at how it has evolved.

What do you add to your wraps? Any suggestions? Comment below.


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