Hill's Festive Treats

Last week the Cats and Dogs of the Howse Household received early Christmas treats from Hill's. "Treats" in our household is either spelled out slowly, T-R-E-A-T-S, or whispered very quietly. Should you say it out loud you will get one very energetic Collie and one giant Great Dane catapulting your way as fast as their bodies can move. Besides play time, treats are one of the dogs favourite things in the world so you can imagine the hype when they got new treats to try. But lets start with the Cats;
Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic treats RSP R45.00 (70g)
These kibble-like Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic treats are available for both Cats and Dogs and are aimed at those on a weigh-loss program. These treats wont put strain on your furry friend's waistline when used in conjunction with the right weight-loss food. I mentioned on social media that this is the first treat (which isn't human food) that the Kits will actually eat. Even Mr. Meow who doesn't have all his teeth, loves them and just swallows them whole. Sweet boy!
Hill’s Ideal Balance Canine treats RSP R55.00 (227g)
Hill's Ideal Balance Treats for dogs literally have the ideal balance of natural ingredients and nutrition. Available in two variations, Oven Baked Naturals which are yummy little cookie-like biscuits, and the Soft Baked Naturals are a lot more chewy, like doggie candy. All the treats are made without any soy, wheat, corn, artificial colours and flavours. Our pooches will eat pretty much anything but it is good to know that these Hill's treats are packed with the best ingredients, kind of like those gummy vitamins you give kids every day. They do actually work a little bit before getting treats because we believe in good manners!

These packets of yummy treats are worth every cent and your animals will love them as a stocking filler with a ball and mouse or two. Spoil your four-legged kids this Christmas. All Hill's products are available at selected Vet's and some pet supply stores.

Thank you to Hill's for being a constant supporter of Howse Life and the animals in our family!

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