Blog Break Facts

I'm in my second month of actively being back to blogging and I feel great about it. I love my little space on the internet. I thought I'd share a few facts I found when taking a blogging break all those months ago.

1. You miss your friends in the blogging community. Whether it be through Twitter, Facebook or even cheeky email chats, not interacting with other bloggers is just not fun at all. You want to share success stories and opinions but when you're on a blog break feel so 'bleh' because your blog is not really active anymore so what right do you have to interact? You are the only one to blame for self exclusion, Loner-lady :)

2. You still get views, which was a surprise to me. I honestly thought that taking a break would mean maybe a handful of views a day but alas, it is way way more than that. I must admit that still having views on your blog when you take a break must mean you did a good job on the content that is there (right?). That is partly why I am making a true effort to get back into posting a few times a week.

3. "All the things". Press drops give you a thrill that only bloggers would understand. Getting products before they release or even products that are out but you haven't tried yet is a treat. I know many bloggers will say "it's not about the free stuff" but it kind of is and it makes us feel special.

4. An epiphany - you desperately need a blog face-lift! This is common but even more so when you take a break from looking at your blog 20 times a day. You start to see things from a new perspective and why not start fresh while you have the opportunity. Like an artist taking a step back from his painting to really gaze and critic his work.

5. The Zen of it all - We do many things in our daily lives that use up precious time and so often we don't have anything to show for it. When it comes to blogging, you have proof you did something (or many things actually). Seeing a lovely layout on your own webpage that you so thoughtfully planned and moving over to see an archive full posts which took hard work and effort. It brings a certain Zen to my mind and not blogging disrupts that Zen. Namaste!

What do you miss when you take a blog break? Comment below.


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