What's in my Santa Shoebox


My box is finished! I can finally share what I have packed for my little 10 year old pledge. I mentioned in my first post about Santa Shoebox that this in my first year participating in the project an I must say I have enjoyed the planning and packing. I don't have kids of my own so this was a new experience, buying school supplies and little girls clothes. Definitely got my broodiness out of control (hehe). 

Anyhoo, here is what is in my jam packed box for my little Rebecca.

Educational supplies: A small writing book (I'm sad the proper A4 ones don't fit in a shoe box), A pack of silly face stickers, a multi pack of stationary, a case for her stationary and a mini school Dictionary (this was the most expensive item in the box but I really felt that this would be used during the rest of her school career).

Sanitary supplies: Cute Hello Kitty face cloth, Bar of Soap, Toothbrush and kiddies toothpaste.

Toys: (I had no clue what to get) Two dolls and a Minnie Mouse lucky packet.

Clothing: Cute little Summer dress, leggings to wear underneath if its colder and a hand crochet beanie made by myself (which is aimed for the winter months). Sweets: Jelly Tots!

Now I have the difficult task of playing Tetris to fit all of these items in the box so it closes properly. I don't think elastic bands will hold this thing down. Want to see what my box looks like? I did a post here on tips to decorate your Santa Shoebox. Share your boxes with me on Twitter and Instagram :)


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  1. Your box looks beautiful and is packed with so many lovely goodies. One of the kids I'm buying for is a 10 year old year and I also have no idea what to get in the toy area (I went for My Little Pony) - I have no idea how everything is going to fit in.

    1. Thank you Nicole! Is this your first year participating in the project? My Box barely closes but I am glad to hear you have also spoiled your kiddies rotten. Full boxes mean awesome gifts :)

  2. I just tried packing my boxes and there's no way I'm going to fit everything in. I'm buying for teen girls, so I went a bit overboard in the toiletries department. I'll have to do a serious edit tomorrow.

    1. Natasha, I just saw your Instagram post!!! That is a lot of stuff. Wowzer! But that means there is just an overflow of love and spoils for your pledges. Squish things in extra tightly and advance your Tetris game to level 90 :)

    2. I decided to make an extra box, because it just won't all fit and I already have the extra things :)


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