Weekend Ramblings

I have been spending a lot of my spare time thinking about a plan for my future career. This means most of that very valuable brain juice is being directed away from my blog, but only just for a little while. My sweet Husband has also been away for the past 5 weeks so I have been running our house/mini-zoo all by myself. I have about 13 drafted posts in my box but I am simply not getting around to finish them and make sure they are edited well. For now, until I get my shit sorted out ducks in a row, I will share a few scattered thoughts which came to me over the weekend.

I received a sweet package last week with the Limited Edition Invisibobble with the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon looped inside the hair ring. This Pink Power Invisibobble collaborates with BreastCancer Now to assist with their work in breast cancer research. Let's support each other because we don't know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have!

I wasn't really an Adele fanatic back in the day. I listed to her songs and enjoyed them but I never took the time to appreciate her as an artist. How great is her new song, Hello? It has been on repeat all weekend. Your thoughts, Love? Hate?

Santa Shoebox Project
I dropped my box off this weekend just like many others across the country. Even though it might be too late to drop off your own box, you can still donate a Virtual box which is pre-packed and delivered to a needy child. Unfortunately Santa Shoebox has not reached 100% of their 100,000 target for this year so please consider donating a virtual box for this cause.

A Healthy Me
I haven't shared much on this subject on the blog or social media but I have been taking my health and eating habits more seriously over the past few weeks. In 2013 I did a "Live Healthy" series on Miss Claira-Bella but it did not last long at all, hence why I haven't shared a new series yet, in fear that I will let people down if I don't succeed. I found out this month that I have a hormonal condition that makes me process sugars and carbs differently to others which explains why I have gained almost 15kg in the past few years and cannot get rid of it. Let me know if you would like me to do a full post on this. I am trying to cut out artificial sugars and wheat from my diet as a trial so see if I notice any changes in weight, energy and overall feeling about myself. Wish me luck!

Moose the Great
In June this year we adopted a 7 week great Dane Puppy. We love the breed and for safety reasons, it was always our plan to get a horse-dog. We named him Moose (Malcolm likes to call him "Moose The Great") and he is just the cutest thing! He is 6 months at the end of October and I cannot believe how something can grow so big in such a small amount of time. He is becoming a handful though, especially when I have to deal with him on my own. We got Tensai at 6 months so most of her naughty puppy phase was out the way and she was neutered so her hormones didn't have an effect on her behavior. Moose Still has his man bits and now that his hormones are starting to charge through his system, he is just so excitable and gets so worked up no matter how much you try calm him. Mix this with his general lack of brain cells (the breed is not the smartest) and his size and weight, it is really tiring. He has his sweet moments which totally outweigh the trying times so I am excited for the future and to watch this pup develop into his own "person"

June 2015 vs October 2015.
That is all the ramblings I have time to share right now. Normal posts should resume soon!



  1. Oh my word! Moose is gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you Charlie! If he is anything like his father, he will most likely still double in size. More like a horse than a dog :P