Mavala Garden Party - Hortensia

Mavala Hortensia RSP R65. Excuse the wonky thumb nail. I'm going through a stage of frustrating nail breaks!
I very seldom have instances where I find a nail polish "unforgettable" and by that I mean every time I visit my nearest Dis-Chem and walk past the Mavala stand, this specific policy catches my eye and I go home wishing that it was in my collection. It took about three weeks of convincing myself that I don't already have a similar shade and this week I snatched up this beauty for Mavala's new Garden Party collection.

Mavala protective base coat, Mavala Hortensia and Mavala Colorfix topcoat.
I am pretty chuffed with my Spring mani. I had the perfect nail polish sandwich on my nails using my fave Mavala base and top coat. Read my review on the base and top coat here.

Overall this polish is a pretty pink. I feel that is a good combination between pastel and bright pink. Not too "baby" but not too "disco". I did have a slight issue with streaking when applying this polish. You can't really do too many strokes on your nail otherwise the polish starts to make bare patches. You just have to apply confidently and don't mess around. I suggest doing 2 or 3 very thing layers in order to get good coverage and minimize patches. Using a Top coat helps to smooth out any light patches which I was happy about.

It also took a fair amount of using the Google machine to find out that Hortensia is just another name for Hydrangea. You might notice that the other 5 shades in this collection are also named after flowers, hence the "Garden Party Collection". Being a green-thumbed lady and all, I love the whole look, feel and general idea of this collection.

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Let me know what you thought of this polish and collection. Do you have any of the other shades? Share some pictures of your  garden party mani on Twitter.

Have a great weekend!

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