How to decorate your Santa Shoebox

As drop-off deadlines are fast approaching, I thought I would share a few tips on how you could decorate your Santa Shoebox (using mine as an example).

There are guidelines that the Santa Shoebox team asks you to follow in order for the whole project to run as smoothly as possible. Firstly, your box should be around 34x11x20cm and this will vary quite a bit from person to person as not all boxes will be exactly the same but try stick to these dimensions (my box is 29.5x11x19.5). Secondly, do not wrap your box in such a way that they lid cannot easily come off when reaching the drop-off area. I assume some boxes may be checked and additional items added if needed so wrap your lid separate to accommodate this process. And lastly, leave a space at the top right corner, on the top of the box, for your label. Again, this makes scanning easier on collection day.

You can go crazy with the personalising of your box. Get the kids involved with kokies, stickers and other crafts. I don't have little ones so I did a classy design for my little 10 year old pledge, Rebecca. Festive wrapping, which you see packed out in all the shops already, is a nice way to add to the kiddies excitement on the day that they receive their gift. I used some extra glittery paper for the name and accent spots here and there. I found this paper at my local craft store and it is quite hardy so it will still be all sparkly when Rebecca gets it!

You can even decorate the inside but for my box I just lightly stuck two pieces of neon pink paper. The aim here is that my little pledge can take the paper out and draw on it if she'd like. You can stick in a personal letter from you and your family and even include a photo of yourself if you are comfortable doing so. Like I said, I don't have kids but you should take advantage of this opportunity to keep yours busy and it is also super fun for them to do.

You can follow Santa Shoebox's Pinterest boards where they have tons of ideas on previously decorated boxes as well as what to include in your box for your specific pledge age group.

I hope this helps spring up some ideas on how to decorate your Santa Shoebox and remember there is no limit to your creativity. Next week I will be sharing what I have included in my box so subscribe to my newsletter (to the right of this page)  so you don't miss out on more ideas. Tweet me some pics of your beautifully decorated shoeboxes!

If you haven't pledged a box yet, there is still time! Go to and follow the sign up process. Pledge target is currently only at 63%. 


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