Cous Cous and Chicken Salad Recipe

I have had this chicken salad about four times this week already which I am taking as a sign that it is really really good because I easily get bored with eating the same meal over and over again. I am sharing this really easy recipe as it is super affordable (read a few cheats at the end of the post) and with hope that you love it too.

What you need:
Cous Cous
Green pepper
Shredded or cubed chicken
Chopped almonds (optional)

Extra Virgin Olive oil
Black pepper
Fresh or dried parsley
Soy Sauce
Garlic (optional)

The rest is pretty simple, as salads are. Dice. Chop. Peel. It's all about preference really. Forgot to add almonds before taking this picture but I also wanted to note that if you are not into a lot of crunch in your salad maybe skip the almonds as there is plenty yummy, juicy, crunch with the cucumber and green pepper. You can also rather use a mixture between green, yellow and red pepper to liven the appearance. And Voila! 

A quick few buck saving tips: Most Spar's and deli's have single piece, already roasted, chicken for like R15 - R20 (depending on the size) so if you are making this salad for 1 person this could be a viable option instead of cooking to much just for yourself. For the Cous Cous, get the instant kind where you just add boiling water and it is ready in 5min. It can save a lot of time and it also lasts longer (I've had my box for almost a year now). 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Please Tag me on Twitter or Instagram with your salad recreations. I would also love to hear your creative suggestions below on what else you think would go well with this salad. I am always up for new things!


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