My Favourite Kitchen Companion - Epimax Lotion Review

Epimax Lotion RSP R44.95
Being a young home owner, savings and any additional hard earned cash goes towards maintenance and fixer-upper tasks around the house and garden. Luxuries, like a dish washer, are really not a priority so I do things the old fashioned way. My hands are dipped in hot, soapy water quite regularly which is such a skin destroyer and an irritation if you are like me who cringes when your skin is dry.

Luckily I got the opportunity to try this nifty pump bottle of Epimax Lotion*. It sits on my kitchen windowsill ready to use on my hands after each load of dishes I scrub. It's not loaded with fragrances and is mainly targeted toward those who have dry skin. The ingredients are simple as they are there to do one job and that is moisturize and act as a barrier to all the nasties we touch throughout the day. Liquid paraffin, purified water, glycerine, vitamin E and two paraben ingredients. No artificial colouring or perfume and it is dermatologist tested. It comes very close to the traditional aqueous cream but just a bit thinner in consistency. Not much else to elaborate on beside that this should be a staple in every household.

The fact that I reach for this lotion on a daily basis means that I like it a lot and I feel it really does mositurise your skin. I will admit that I would use it a lot more on other parts of my body too if they somehow worked in an SPF into their formula. That would be awesome! I highly recommend this product after a few months of testing and would definitely repurchase the pump bottle again as it is so convenient to use.

Prices as spotted in Dis-Chem in September: 
100g tube R34.95, 
250g tube 49.95, 
100g tub R24.95, 
400g tub R45.00, 
450g with pump R44.95, 
Epimax Junior and baby 400g tub R54.95,
Epimax Plus 400g tub R69.95.

Visit their website for full product ranges and descriptions.

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*Product supplied at the Freebees PR editors day

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