Why I started blogging

In February 2012 I started a blog, Miss Claira-Bella, and at the time I didn't realize how much it would change my perception of people, life and myself. Here's the back story;

I was in my second year of Studying a Bcom Economics via correspondence through UNISA. In 2010 and 2011 I was working as a Receptionist and studying in the evenings which was difficult for my young adult mind so I stopped working mid 2011 to study full time at home. Not only did this prove to be a financial constraint on myself, boyfriend and family, it also left me living a lonely life where I stared at the same four walls 24/7. I didn't go out much because I simply did not have money for a social life and because of this, I started resenting my studies and my tertiary education.

This is where I learned something about myself. I am a peoples person (to some extent). I love seeing faces, being in crowds where I can hear conversation, judge peoples decisions and feel like I am being seen and acknowledged as a living person on this planet. I yearned to be noticed and not in a narcissistic way. I wanted to walk into a shopping center and shout "HELLO World! I am here. CAN YOU SEE ME?". The four walls in our 2 bedroom flat could not give me the acknowledgement I craved. So I started a blog. A place where people could go and acknowledged I existed. Even if it wasn't in person, the stats showed that people knew that that there was a person named Claire and she was alive, typing stuff (not very well may I add) on a blog.

If you are looking at staring a blog then the easiest niche to get into would be beauty blogging, a fact I learnt later on on my blog career, so this is what I did. You can read my first post here. Pick up any beauty item in your house and write what you think about it. My novice blog somehow got notice by brands and PR companies and I started receiving products to review and share with my blog followers. I think this contributed to my blog living longer that it would have if I had just been writing stuff about myself or I would have just run out of things to blog. This is where I learnt the second thing about myself, although this niche was really great and the ladies in the beauty blogging community are the nicest people you will ever meet, I was not passionate about cosmetics as others out there. There were things in this world that interested me more and I thought had more value in sharing with the world whether it was about myself, food, advice, animals or even events. (I am still trying to master that style of writing).

Here I am 3 years later with a new blog, I got married, moved cities, bought a house and started a family (with only fur-kids for now) and I couldn't be more appreciative of my blessings. In life, I feel that you venture into things at the right time for you and it will get you through whatever it is you need help with. Blogging was this "help" and I am so thankful for it. Even now, It brings me joy to share things on this platform on the internet and I can proudly call it mine. I am so excited for the future of this blog and the future of my content. I am way more serious about my blog than I ever have been before and this only means good things! I am so thankful for all you who visit my blog every day.

How did you get into blogging or if you aren't what are the reasons you would start blogging? Comment below!


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