Santa Shoebox Project 2015

For the first time, I will be participating in the Santa Shoebox project this year, aimed at collecting 100,000 festive season gifts for children from vulnerable backgrounds. The idea is simple; take a shoe box and fill it with essential items as well as a few surprises for the little ones. There are guidelines of what must be in the boxes (toothpaste, soap etc.) and the rest is up to you.

After a few days of their website being down due to technical issues, I was finally able to pledge a box. For my first ever shoe box donation, I have selected a little girl named Rebecca who is 10 years old. The signing process was really simple. Once you create your profile you are given a list of children in your area. You can filter your search by gender and age which makes choosing a kiddy quite easy. You also get a bar code to stick on your box which makes collection more organized and productive. This initiative is very well organized and thought out.

I have also registered as a volunteer in my area which will be a new experience for me. I am looking forward to it. Now time to get packing, decorating and organizing. I will share my box with you closer to drop-off!

You can pledge you own box by visiting Tweet me if you have signed up and if you are excited to help make a child's Christmas special this year.

View Santa Shoebox on Pinterest for ideas on what to pack in your box and they have age specific ideas and suggestions which will help if you are at a loss for ideas.



  1. EEeek, I totally forgot to register! Doing it now xx

    1. I'm glad this came as a reminder Luchae! Such a great and easy charity to support.