Nail art

It was brought to my attention (thanks Pinterest) that I have over 4,000 pins on Pinterest, which is proof that I use this platform a lot when looking for creative inspiration. I went back to a few of my boards to scan through the ideas I thought were worthy enough to save (look at me on my high horse). There were some truly good nail art images from when I was obsessed with everything colourful and pretty on nails. This was one of them, a light indigo shade with a rose gold accent. How sweet! I decided to do my own version/copy-cat and I think it turned out fairly well.

Nails Inc Caviar base and top coat, Tip Top in Lady Lilla and Revlon's Copperglaze Platinum.
I enjoy the simple manicures nowadays as i just don't have the time anymore and this design mimics just that, simple and quick. Apply your base coat, two layers of you base colour, wait for that to dry completely. Snip up some pieces of sellotape, tape off a pattern (whichever you prefer) and pant over with the second shade of polish. This next step is most probably the most important; slowly peel off the tape downwards whilst the polish is still very wet. If you wait till the polish is dry before pulling off the tape, you wont get very clear lines on the design. Lastly, once that last coat of polish is completely dry, add your top coat.

I could have chosen a lighter base shade but overall I like it and I think it is a good copy-cat. There is a similar version over at Ordinary Misfit where Michelle does a reversed design with Hean polish.

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