Crochet pencil/cosmetic bag

I haven't shared much on this subject on the blog in the past but crocheting has become a new hobby of mine in the past 6 months or so. Watching my grandmothers knit and crochet kind of makes it my heritage to learn the craft and whilst actually doing it, it makes me feel nostalgic. There are certainly no rules about only doing this when you are in your senior years and learning while you are still young has it's perks, like the fact that you may ask your elder relatives' advice on what you are and aren't doing right. It brings a smile to their faces to be able to bond over this simple thing.

Unfortunately I do not live near any grandparents (I only visit during the holidays) and I like to think that I am a nippy learner so after watching a few YouTube video's, I learnt how to crochet.  At first I made a small blanket and some beanies which was great practice but now that winter is over I'd like extend my knowledge to other crochet crafts, starting with a cute pencil/ cosmetic purse.

I want to clearly state that this is not my pattern (I am not on that level yet) and you can find it on Oombawka Design. This pattern is relatively easy to follow and can be adjusted to your needs. The colour of your yarn/wool is also completely up to you and I think that is the beauty of hand crafts, you can make it just the way you like. I am loving the Olive and Purple combo right now but didn't have yarn on hand in those shades. 

Follow the pattern and you will get something like this;

I really do suggest trying your hand at crocheting if it intrigues you. If you do crochet, what patterns do you suggest I try next? I'd love to see your creations so please Tweet and Instagram with the tag #howselifeblog so I can find you.

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