A Fruity Flair

Mavala base and top coat, OPI, Essence and my little Fimo canes.
Many moons have passed since I last spoke about Fimo sticks. You can find these posts back at Miss Claira-Bella. Part 1 I explained what these funny things were and Part 2 I shared a few pictures of my collection (with the intention of doing a Part 3 but never got to it).

These little sticks are a mission to slice up which is why I haven't done more of these nail art posts in the past. Since being back form my blog break, I will use these Fimo canes more because I found a trick that makes it easier to cut, in my husbands tool box of all places. A stanley knife/box cutter, which is really really sharp. I wont get into much of the technical but you can find videos on YouTube if you are interested. Main point is they need to be cut as thin as possible to avoiding having ridges on your nails when stuck on. Here in SA, you will most likely get pre-cut slices in nail art wheels and packets which aren't as thin as I like but if they are all you can get your hands on then you can make it work.

My fruity creation.
From there it is pretty simple to design an array of nail art concepts. For this one I used a base coat, OPI's Pink Friday, Essence's Indian Summer, stuck the fimo slices on with a drop of base coat and once they were securely dried onto my nail, I finished with a top coat. Tada! A fruity flair for your nails which would go so well with a light summer dress, sandals and a hat.

I have not come across and local stockists of the bulk pack full length canes but you can purchase them online here however they are quite pricey due to import fees. If you are interested, I wouldn't mind sending a few selected readers some of my fimo slices. Pop me an email (msclairabella@gmail.com) with your details and we can chat about sending you some to experiment with.

Share your own nail creations (it doesn't have to be fruit related) with me on Twitter and Instagram with #Howselife.


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