Hill's Pet Dental Month

Our pets are like our very own children and so are their needs. Just like humans, our fur-kids have dental needs and issues that need to be addressed on a daily basis. Brushing your pet's teeth every day could be a war in itself (and not without a scratch or two) so Hill's has developed a new pet food range to reduce gingivitis and build-up of plaque, stain and tar tar.

The month of September will have its spotlight on Hill's Prescription Diet t/d and Hills Science Plan Oral Care as they are the only complete foods in South Africa that have been awarded the US Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance for plaque and tar tar control. Due to this amazing accomplishment, September has been named "National Hill's Pet Dental Month". I am so appreciative to have gotten a press drop for my kits.

Hill's Prescription Diet t/d for Felines. Stop the hurt before it starts.
Mr Meow, our stray boy, had to get a few teeth pulled when he first came to us last year. He had terrible breath which could knock out a small army and you could see he was in pain when chewing his kitty kibbles. Besides this ordeal costing an arm and a leg in vet bills, it was traumatic for him and I strongly advise you to get you cat checked out at a vet if he is showing signs of dental issues. 

Hill's kibbles that clean your pets teeth while they eat.
Hills Prescription Diet t/d kibbles claims to act as an edible tooth brush and as your pet eats it, it gently scrubs the exposed tooth and cleans away plaque thus avoiding tartar build-up. Available exclusively from veterinary practices.

How did Mr Meow enjoy it? The kibble size is almost double what he currently eats so when serving a 50/50 mixture of his regular food and Hill's t/d, he naturally dug out the smaller bits first. In his situation, he has had teeth removed at the back of his mouth so when it comes to grinding down the bigger chunks, he finds this a bit difficult. With some persistence, I'm sure I could coax him to just eat the Hill's kibble but for now I am keeping him at a 30 Hill's/70 Regular ratio. This ensures that every few mouthfuls, he get a Hill's kibble. But over all he didn't seem to have an issue with the taste or quality of the Hill's food which is always a good thing with cats because they are rather picky creatures.

I guess a good point to note would be to start your pets on this diet before they even have dental issues to avoid any developing in the future. Here are some extra tips for your pet's dental care.

Take you pet to the vet for an annual dental check or whenever you notice the symptoms above. Regular tooth brushing to remove plaque is recommended. Use a soft brush and pet toothpaste. Brushing is not always easy to accomplish so it is a good idea to start regular brushing from a young age. Feed your pet a food clinically proven to help clean your pets teeth as it eats. Avoid sticky sweets, treats or tidbits which can lead to more rapid build-up of plaque. Use tooth-friendly toys and chews.

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Thank you to Hill's for always looking out for our pets!

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