Essence Soft Touch Mousse | Cosmetic Review

The lovely team from Essence SA sent me a little basket of Easter treats a few weeks ago. All the creamy chocolat-ey goodness of the extended make up range which includes their infamous Soft Touch Mousse, Coversticks and Mattifying Compact Powders.

The range now offers darker shades for our African skinned beauties in #50 and #60. There is also shade #09 which covers the other end of the colour spectrum. Porcelain toned ladies can now get luxurious, smooth, natural-looking foundation with a matte complex while allowing your skin to breathe freely. These new additions have been added to fill all market needs which were obviously neglected without the wide colour options

Top to bottom: Shade 60, Shade 02, Shade 50 and Shade 09
I am a big fan of Matte Mousse bases as my skin is quite scarred from teenage acne and they tend to give better coverage. My faves are Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse and I am currently using Yardley's Whipped Matte Mousse. I gave the Essence brand a try and this is how it came out on my slightly fair skin.

At first, matching the shades to my skin was tricky. My shade is in between 09 and 02 so I just mixed and blended the two together (I'm sure shade 01 would be a match if I had it). The texture is so divine and creamy. Definitely the creamiest of all the brands mentioned above. One issue with this is that it can become a problem if you start over applying the layers to your face. Mousse does not "dry out" like liquid foundation or even BB creams. Putting too much on will make you look like you belong in Madam Tussauds. 

Other than that, coverage was right up there with the other brands and the other make-up items applied worked well with the soft, clear canvas the Essence Soft Touch Mousse provided. I used soft neutral shades for my eyes and a light rouge blush which is what I would call my go-to look for everyday gallivanting. I also used the Essence Coverstick in shade 01 for more stubborn spots and scars.

The packaging of the Soft Touch Mousse was a highlight for me. Glass bottom with an easy to twist lid in the shade of the product inside. My other Mousse containers are plastic and aren't the best to hold when applying. An overall great product with adequate coverage and shades for most skins.

 You can find the Soft Touch Mousse for an affordable price of R69.95 at Essence stands in Clicks and Dis-Chem pharmacies. Follow Essence SA on Facebook and Twitter and visit their website for other product ranges.

Thanks again to the Essence Team for this lovely Easter treat!


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