Life Update Via Instagram

The Wedding is over and Malcolm and I have had tome to get back into this reality thing. I have tried to use Instagram more often. I take a lot of photo's so why not share? I thought I would go through them in more detail here on the blog.

The Wedding

It was just as we wanted. Small, intimate and simple. My favourite thing about the wedding (besides marrying my best friend) was the fact that Malcolm and I got to spend a good 20 min chatting and spending time with each family member over a lovely dinner and there was no real program, we went with the flow. We did not have a photographer because we felt that R 8K for like 4 hours is just stupid. Our guests took photo's and shared them with us before they left the next morning. We will get some printed and put them around the house. A really good choice on our part. 

The Birthday

A family friend turned 21 in the beginning of March and she threw a 21st bash at Stonehaven on Vaal. It was a sweet "candy land" theme and it was great to catch up with family especially because they were not at the wedding two weeks prior. Spending time with my new hubby in public was a new experience especially everyone calling me Missus.

Adventure Dog

The in-laws are moving at the end of April so we drove 45min to their (current) house to help take unneeded items out of their way in an attempt to make packing easier. They have not moved in over 15 years so there is a much needed "spring cleaning" spree which is difficult when there is excess furniture in the way. Tensai, our doggie, came with to play with the other dogs. Tensai is currently an only child and needs to learn how to interact with other sniffing noses. She was patient in the car but needed love from Malcolm every now and then throughout the journey.

The Big Two Five

August is my birth month and this year I will be 25 years young. I'd like to do something on a big scale seeing as my last birthday party was back in 2011. Pink and Gold will be my theme and I am playing around with invitation designs already. Preparation is key right?


My absolute favourite Easter treats are Beacon's marshmallow eggs. YUMMM! I spotted these white chocolate versions and I gave them a try. Not as good as the original milk chocolate but I'm glad I got to experience something new. Now I need to gather strength not to devour too much chocolate this year.

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