Why do I keep doing this?

I will admit that I do far too many of these "I'm back" posts, just to disappear again. I am the worst!!!

 I am not making any promises that it wont happen again however I will try my hardest to get you new content when I am able to. At the moment I cannot stick to any post schedule so there will not be any fixed "Manicure Monday" or even any "favourites" posts. Unfortunately this is just not realistic right now and I can only say it as it is. 

I appreciate all your views and I would love for you to catch up on lasts years posts as these were really my best ones so far (especially the beginning of the year). I don't think my blogging career (if you can even call it that) is over. I just need to take a small step back and focus my energy on real life.

The always MIA,

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