What wedding series?

Last you heard on the wedding front was, I had just gotten engaged and I shared the beautiful story with you. I announced I would be doing a wedding series where I was to share the planning, any DIY crafts and obviously lots of photos, but alas this did not happen, for a few reasons I will briefly explain:

1. I didn't realize at the time how personal it is to share even the small details of our big day. Each little thing contributes to the bigger picture and sharing bits and pieces here and there may have given you the wrong idea of who Malcolm and I are as a couple.

2. To be honest I didn't really know what I wanted in terms of the big white wedding. Budget constraints didn't give Malcolm and I much to work with.

3. Emotional protection. Lets face it, the internet is not always sunshine and roses. I did not want negativity to influence our happiness throughout the planning process and even on our wedding day.

This leaves us with a 7 month gap and the news that Malcolm and I are getting married next month! We decided over the December holidays to have a small wedding which we have been furiously planning for ever since. Planning a wedding in 8 weeks will test your anxiety levels but I am so happy our special day is near.

Que the music...

Why do I keep doing this?

I will admit that I do far too many of these "I'm back" posts, just to disappear again. I am the worst!!!

 I am not making any promises that it wont happen again however I will try my hardest to get you new content when I am able to. At the moment I cannot stick to any post schedule so there will not be any fixed "Manicure Monday" or even any "favourites" posts. Unfortunately this is just not realistic right now and I can only say it as it is. 

I appreciate all your views and I would love for you to catch up on lasts years posts as these were really my best ones so far (especially the beginning of the year). I don't think my blogging career (if you can even call it that) is over. I just need to take a small step back and focus my energy on real life.

The always MIA,