Tip Top Nails Sumptuous Collection | Nail polish review

Many beauty bloggers got the opportunity to meet many brands at a recent PR day hosted by Freebees PR. There I got to meet the lovely ladies behind the Tip Top Nails brand. I have known this brand since my blog career started, 3 years ago, and their nail polish collections have become more beautiful over the years.

At this beautiful PR event, I took home the new Sumptuous collection by Tip Top Nails, which will be on the shelves this month! Here are the swatched shades.

Lady Lilla, Navy-Gator and In My Genes
Jade in the shade, Cupid's Arrow and Sea me now.
I do wish that there were softer colours in this collection but that is only my preference. The Tip Top ladies were inspired by Venice with its melting pot of Gothic, Renaissance and oriental elements. Picture yourself in Venice with beautiful skies, velvet textures and mosaic architecture...I think they nailed it!

This is actually the prefect collection for ladies who's style isn't really "girly". Matching one or two of these polishes with a nice Spring dress will let people know you take care of yourself but you mean business.

The Sumptuous collection will be on the shelves throughout September at Clicks stores only (they have dropped Foschini as a stockist). Some added news, Tip Top nails will be releasing a new collection every single month and it seems like it will continue into next year. I have seen the next two collections and they are beautiful. Start saving up for a monthly nail polish fund!

Visit Tip Top Nails Facebook page for weekly competitions were you could win your own set of pretty polishes.

Which shade has caught your eye?



  1. LOVE this collection! I don't wear brights or pastels very often, so this collection is right up my alley. I really like Jade in the Shade - such a gorgeous shade! Great post, as always! x

  2. I concur with Chereen. That 'Jade in the Shade' is gorgeous. I'm definitely feeling 'Sea Me Now', 'Lady Lilla' and 'In My Genes' as well. I love how affordable Tip Top is so 'splurging' on more than one colour is possible.

  3. These shades are so beautiful! I want to pick a favourite but I just can't.

  4. I wish I had spotted you at the FreeBees day! :) Love this collection. Lady Lilla is my fave :)