The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Mask | Skincare Review

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I recently tried out another mask from The Body Shop brand, which I purchased back in February this year. I bought it specifically to use during the drier months of the year and seeing as it is the end of winter, I wanted to give my skin an extra boost of moisture in preparation for the healthy Spring glow.

As with the Tea Tree mask I tried earlier in the year, there is only enough product for one application. It applies clear and is more of an intense moisturizer, so it doesn't dry into a "peel off" type mask which tightens and may be quite uncomfortable.

Face mask selfie with my Kitty onesie :)
After 15 min I lightly rinsed off the face mask and wasn't really awed with the results. I still had to apply a decent amount of moisturizer before my face felt soft and nourished. This doesn't necessarily mean it is a poor mask, it just means that it is not suitable for ladies who have really dry skin and expect high levels of moisture.

A few tips - Rather apply this at night and only rinse in the morning or alternatively use it as a normal moisturizer by only using a small amount and not rinsing it off.

I don't see myself trying this again in the future.

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