The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Mask | Skincare Review

Read my previous face mask review here.

I recently tried out another mask from The Body Shop brand, which I purchased back in February this year. I bought it specifically to use during the drier months of the year and seeing as it is the end of winter, I wanted to give my skin an extra boost of moisture in preparation for the healthy Spring glow.

As with the Tea Tree mask I tried earlier in the year, there is only enough product for one application. It applies clear and is more of an intense moisturizer, so it doesn't dry into a "peel off" type mask which tightens and may be quite uncomfortable.

Face mask selfie with my Kitty onesie :)
After 15 min I lightly rinsed off the face mask and wasn't really awed with the results. I still had to apply a decent amount of moisturizer before my face felt soft and nourished. This doesn't necessarily mean it is a poor mask, it just means that it is not suitable for ladies who have really dry skin and expect high levels of moisture.

A few tips - Rather apply this at night and only rinse in the morning or alternatively use it as a normal moisturizer by only using a small amount and not rinsing it off.

I don't see myself trying this again in the future.

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This weeks reflections (17.08.2014)

Hey! I'm back with another reflections post. It has been a while and thought its about time I catch up. Read my last post here.

What lessons did I learn that I could build upon next week? I mention this a lot but focus plays a big role in success, even the in normal daily tasks an goal. This definitely came apparent to me again this week however a good balance between work and play is important.

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? Yip!

Favourite moment this week? I really enjoyed attending Freebees' PR day this week. It was great seeing all the faces of the brands that have supported me throughout my blogging career. I also have great reviews to share from a lot of the brands that I got a chance to chat to which I hope you enjoy!

What was my main concern and how did I find a way to put my mind at ease? In the beginning of August, Malcolm was playing a hockey match and got hit in the head with a player's stick from the other team. He wash rushed off to the emergency rooms and had to get 7
staples. I was really worried about complications that arise from concussions etc. so we went to a neurologist on this week for a CT scan. We'll hear back this week but the doctor says he doesn't suspect there to be anything serious. 

What is the first logical step for next week? Getting all the paperwork processed for the house. This is still an ongoing procedure and I will need to visit SARS which, on a good day, is a terrible mission but I am staying positive that it will be a pain-free encounter.

I hope you all have a good week filled with success and good memories.


SILTS Volume 3

I have a jam packed post for this volume of SILTS (stuff I'd like to share). If you missed the Volume 2, click here to catch up with the news I shared there.

Starting off with a BANG, Sorbet, the powerhouse beauty salon franchise, announced on their social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, that they will be launching their own nail polish range just in time for our pretty pointers to enjoy this Summer. They are running a #namethatpolish competition until tomorrow, where you can name the polish below. If your name gets chosen then you will win the whole summer collections and some for your friends too. Please submit your name ideas on their Facebook page.

 I am really impressed at the Sorbet chain, especially how they have grown into their own, very well known, brand. It wasn't too long ago that they teamed up with Clicks for their very own skin care range and earlier this year they started producing other beauty tools such as tweezers and nail files (which are fab by the way!) which wear the Sorbet name. 

In extra "Sorbet-ey" news, Ian Fuhr, the founder and original fire-starter of South Africa's leading Beauty Salon Group, is launching a book called "get that feeling" which explains his success and he includes an entrepreneurial journey that is fearless, fast and brutally honest. His book will be out sometime this month. (Source)

In yummy "I could bake all day long" news, Boardmans has teamed up with The Cake Boss and have launched a whole range of Cake Boss baking products. Buddy was in SA for the Gauteng Food and Wine show where he showed off his new baking equipment and did a demo for Expo visitors. The exciting new baking toys include everything needed to mix, scrape, scoop and whisk to perfection as well as specialist items including a mechanical cookie scoop, handy cake lifter and superb bench scraper. They also have specialist pans, like the Stacked Circle Cakelette Pan, create exquisite layered cakes and cookies ready for decorating and piping as well as fun, individual pies and cakes. Lastly, they will also be offering cake servers and beautiful cookie jars.

My lucky sister, Tammy, got to meet Buddy at Monte Casino and I am just beyond jealous!

Tammy, third from the left.
The Cake Boss range of baking and cake decorating tools and accessories will be exclusively available from 22 August at the following Boardmans stores: Eastgate , Design Quarter , The Glen , Clearwater , Menlyn , Tygervalley , Gateway , Canal Walk , Brooklyn , Cresta , Northgate (Source)

That's it for this volume of SILTS. Do you have any news you think I should share? Pop me an email -


June & July Favourites

New month, new start. Here are some of my favourites from June and July!

I sincerely only had 3 favourties as far as brands and/or products go for the past 2 months. First being Nescafe's Classic instant coffee. I don't have a beautiful, reverie, Nescafe coffee machine that takes capsules so in our house, we use the instant stuff. This is a more costly than other brands but it really is on a whole new level of quality. It is stronger and therefore you drink fewer cups in a day. With the winter chills, I have really enjoyed this spoil.

Secondly, Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream/ Skin protectant has really helped keep my parched skin hydrated. Seeing as this is only a small jar, I use the sticky serum-like product on my most dry areas such as elbows, hands and cuticles and often on my face as well. This product works wonders and has been such a life saver as we reach the final stretch to Spring.

Lastly, I have enjoyed wearing tons of grey nail polish recently. One of my favourites is Nails Inc's Porchester Square. It appears to be cream in the image above so click here for true swatches which I have done on my previous blog. Team this shade up with a good base and top coat and you will have stunning nails to guide you into spring.

One more favourite is our fireplace. Baking marshmallows in our new house, which used to be a daydream in the past. I love how it has become my reality. This space in our home has become special to me and will be special for many years to come.

Do you have any favourites you would like to share?