Oh.em.gee! We bought a house

The title of this blog post was inspired (slash stolen) from Mr Kate on Youtube.

It's no news that Malcolm and I bought a house. I thought I would share some pictures of the new place. Many of the areas are not quite set up but we are well on our way to making this house our home.

The front view of our place
We have started working with landscaping the front. This will be our main garden with pretty flowers and shrubs. Needless to say I am waiting anxiously for Spring to come.

Pretty winter pansies
Pansies are the best flowers to plant in Winter because they aren't too phased about the winter chills. Just plant them in a spot that has full sun for most of the day and Voila!

A hand print and marking from 1968.
Finding this gem was so nostalgic for me. My Dad and his siblings did the same thing on my Grandmothers farms when they were small. As the years went on we would measure how our hands have grown compared to theirs. I will definitely be doing this with my kids one day.

Malcolm working hard in the garden.
We had a very old, dead, peach tree in the back garden which Malcolm took out. We then gathered the wood for our fireplace. He is definitely pulling off the "worker" look :)

One of the main focal points on the dining area
This side dresser was Malcolm's grandparents'. The moved to New Zealand a couple of years ago so we shotgun-ed it. This will house all our place mats and other eating equipment because it is placed next to our dining table.

"Mr Meow"
We will always have animals in our home. Malcolm and I are huge Cat lovers. This is "Mr Meow", who I did a post on last month. Read it here.

This is our neighbors cat which we call "Friend". She loves coming into our garden because there are no dogs and she gets some piece and quiet.

That's all the photo's for now. I will share more as the home improvements get completed :)


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