Montagne Jeunesse face mask | Skincare review

A few weeks ago I shared a post on Click's chocolate face mask and explained my new Saturday pamper tradition. Since moving houses, this has become a Saturday OR Sunday routine, depending on when I have time. This week I will be sharing a face mask from the Montagne Jeunesse range of skin care products.

I used this brand frequently in High School. Back then it was around R18 for a mask compared to R25 now. I always used the Dead Sea Mud Pac which was a really pretty turquoise colour. It worked really well with my young pubescent skin and definitely helped with some skin breakouts, although, not clearing them completely (read more about my acne journey here).

Here we are, a few years later and I decided to give the brand another go. I tried their Anti-Stress Skin Polisher.

This stuff smells AMAZING! I did a guest review on The Body Shop's Brazil Nut body wash over at Lipgloss Kisses a while back and this face mask smells exactly like it! It is a pleasant scent that you wouldn't mind applying to your face. 

The formula contains small beads which is meant for exfoliating. When applying this mask I did feel a burning sensation around my nose and cheeks. This may have been due to the fact that I had flu and I had been blowing my nose a lot. Either way, if you have really sensitive skin this might not be for you.

My face mask selfie in kitty PJ's
I feel that the actual mask properties weren't that great. My skin did feel softer but that was most probably due to the micro beads which exfoliated my face and got rid of dead skin. It was also advertised on the packaging that it was moisturising but I had to put a really strong moisturiser on after taking the mask off because my face felt tight.

Overall I would say that if you are an adventurous soul then definitely try this face mask out but if you don't have time to mess about and you need something that will work efficiently, then rather give this one a miss. 

On a side note, my darling Fiance decided to humor me and try this face mask thing too (how sweet is he!?). He tried the Dead Sea Mud Mask for men and this is his summarised feedback:

When applying it, it burnt his face but the sensation eventually went away. The application worked even with his beard (which I guess is a valid concern for men). He didn't really see any major difference when washing the mask off but he never got imperfections on his face for a while after so it must have done something good for his 'manly' pores. He doesn't see himself doing it again anytime soon and would rather use a gentle face scrub which would clean his pores well.

Due to the fact that I have used this face mask brand in the past, I would probably purchase the other types too but may give it a month or two and try other brand in the meantime.

Have you tried the Montagne Jeunesse brand before? I would love to know which ones you tried. Comment below :)


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