5 Things: I have recently learnt about myself

From Pinterest
1. My Candy Crush game plan defaults onto "YOLO". I mean...what else are you supposed to do? I am currently on level 104.

2. I could be a dog person as well as having a crazy cat obsession. The thought of getting a dog is quite exciting. Adopting a precious pooch from SPCA is on the cards for Malcolm and I.

3. People can actually keep things from me. The fact that Malcolm and I live pretty much on top of each other in our bachelor flat and I had no idea he was going to propose, makes me aware that I don't always know everything like I think I do.

4. It makes me happy when I remind people to be grateful (not in a meanspirited way). It is simple to complain about many things. I have been trying to encourage close friends and family, and myself, to see the good. So you have a kitchen full of dirty dishes that you have to wash? That means your belly is full and is definitely something to be grateful for :)

5. Being a housewife is becoming a lot less appealing. I work from home which is fantastic because I have something to keep me busy and distract me from the same four walls all day. I think being a full time housewife would be convenient but I might go insane due to the lack of environmental stimulation.

What have you recently learnt about yourself?

Have a great week!



  1. Candy Crush and I are currently inseparable - it's ridiculous actually :) I have learned that I need to focus on being more patient.


    1. Sometimes it just gets so frustrating :) thanks for your comment!