Montagne Jeunesse face mask | Skincare review

A few weeks ago I shared a post on Click's chocolate face mask and explained my new Saturday pamper tradition. Since moving houses, this has become a Saturday OR Sunday routine, depending on when I have time. This week I will be sharing a face mask from the Montagne Jeunesse range of skin care products.

I used this brand frequently in High School. Back then it was around R18 for a mask compared to R25 now. I always used the Dead Sea Mud Pac which was a really pretty turquoise colour. It worked really well with my young pubescent skin and definitely helped with some skin breakouts, although, not clearing them completely (read more about my acne journey here).

Here we are, a few years later and I decided to give the brand another go. I tried their Anti-Stress Skin Polisher.

This stuff smells AMAZING! I did a guest review on The Body Shop's Brazil Nut body wash over at Lipgloss Kisses a while back and this face mask smells exactly like it! It is a pleasant scent that you wouldn't mind applying to your face. 

The formula contains small beads which is meant for exfoliating. When applying this mask I did feel a burning sensation around my nose and cheeks. This may have been due to the fact that I had flu and I had been blowing my nose a lot. Either way, if you have really sensitive skin this might not be for you.

My face mask selfie in kitty PJ's
I feel that the actual mask properties weren't that great. My skin did feel softer but that was most probably due to the micro beads which exfoliated my face and got rid of dead skin. It was also advertised on the packaging that it was moisturising but I had to put a really strong moisturiser on after taking the mask off because my face felt tight.

Overall I would say that if you are an adventurous soul then definitely try this face mask out but if you don't have time to mess about and you need something that will work efficiently, then rather give this one a miss. 

On a side note, my darling Fiance decided to humor me and try this face mask thing too (how sweet is he!?). He tried the Dead Sea Mud Mask for men and this is his summarised feedback:

When applying it, it burnt his face but the sensation eventually went away. The application worked even with his beard (which I guess is a valid concern for men). He didn't really see any major difference when washing the mask off but he never got imperfections on his face for a while after so it must have done something good for his 'manly' pores. He doesn't see himself doing it again anytime soon and would rather use a gentle face scrub which would clean his pores well.

Due to the fact that I have used this face mask brand in the past, I would probably purchase the other types too but may give it a month or two and try other brand in the meantime.

Have you tried the Montagne Jeunesse brand before? I would love to know which ones you tried. Comment below :)


Mr Meow

Today I wanted share a "feel good Friday" type of post. As you may know, Malcolm and I moved into our new house two weeks ago. This has been a very exciting time for us and the first thing we wanted to do was bring my cat, which is staying with my mom, to the new house and look into adopting a new kitty from the SPCA. We are HUGE animal lovers!

On Wednesday night this friendly face was meowing at our back door and has not left ever since.

We have named him "Mr Meow" or "Meow Meow" for short because he seems to respond to that the best. We don't think he is a stray because he is neutered and he was not covered in fleas, which is common in strays. We have given him food because he was starving and we have started him on a de-worming treatment just in case.

Like I said, I don't think he is a stray. His owners might be away or he might have gotten lost. I have alerted the local SPCA so that if his owners are looking for him, that is the most logical place to go look.

I really, really, really don't mind if he is not claimed. He is the most lovable boy and he makes a fantastic companion. Below is a picture of him being pathetic and wanting attention while I was working. So sweet!

We will give it a week and if no one claims him we will take him to the vet to see if he has a microchip. While he is there I would like the doctor to take a look at him. He seems to have an eye problem where one pupil is bigger than the other. We can also give him his shots and get an approximate age from the vet.

Please send love and good wishes for this Mr Meow and his health. Malcolm and I are going to try and give him a bath on Saturday because he is filthy and loves to sleep on the bed. If he is not scratching us to shreds, I will try take some photo's. I am glad he found us because it was perfect timing.


5 Things: I have recently learnt about myself

From Pinterest
1. My Candy Crush game plan defaults onto "YOLO". I mean...what else are you supposed to do? I am currently on level 104.

2. I could be a dog person as well as having a crazy cat obsession. The thought of getting a dog is quite exciting. Adopting a precious pooch from SPCA is on the cards for Malcolm and I.

3. People can actually keep things from me. The fact that Malcolm and I live pretty much on top of each other in our bachelor flat and I had no idea he was going to propose, makes me aware that I don't always know everything like I think I do.

4. It makes me happy when I remind people to be grateful (not in a meanspirited way). It is simple to complain about many things. I have been trying to encourage close friends and family, and myself, to see the good. So you have a kitchen full of dirty dishes that you have to wash? That means your belly is full and is definitely something to be grateful for :)

5. Being a housewife is becoming a lot less appealing. I work from home which is fantastic because I have something to keep me busy and distract me from the same four walls all day. I think being a full time housewife would be convenient but I might go insane due to the lack of environmental stimulation.

What have you recently learnt about yourself?

Have a great week!


The Engagment

Two weeks ago I shared the news that Malcolm and I were officially engaged, the get-on-one-knee-presents-her-with-a-ring kind of engaged! My sweet fiance had a really hard time planning a huge romantic proposal like you normally see in the movies but the way he ended up asking was so special to me and I was so surprised, I nearly thought the whole thing was a prank (an evil one).

My purdy ring :)
I'll give you a quick version of the proposal without missing major details :)

Last weekend I was supposed to be away visiting my mom in Centurion and attending my best friend's baby shower. Turns out the baby came early (he came on Friday and the baby shower was supposed to be on Sunday). I wanted Malcolm to come with me because it is a long drive and I wanted him to see the baby. Who knows, maybe it would spark some broodiness in him seeing me with the baby and all that jazz? Apparently he was counting on me leaving, on my own, so that he could set up a romantic proposal in our new house which we just got the keys to. Due to my whining and nagging, he came with and the poor guy couldn't get a break...but how was I supposed to know his secret plans!?

The evening of the 7th of June we went to the new house. It has a fireplace in it which is marvelous but we weren't sure if it was blocked or maybe completely shut somewhere down the chimney. We decided to buy some firewood and test it before we moved our stuff in because the chance of us getting smoked out seemed pretty high. We opened some wine on a picnic blanket in front of the fire and chatted about the house and how amazing it was to finally be inside (we had been stalking it from the outside for weeks). He hid his nerves very well because I didn't have a clue what was coming next.

He said he had something important to ask me and got on one knee. I thought he was joking and I was expecting him to say "Please can you tie my shoelace" or something along those lines. He then gave me an empty ring box with a piece of paper sticking out (So cruel!!!). Then there was a story of him not having the money to pay the ring off fully but he couldn't wait to ask me so he is giving me the box with proof that he has paid some of it but not all. (Huh!?) Then he asked me the big "Q" and I obviously said yes! In the midst of hugging and kissing he popped a ring on my finger and I squealed in excitement. Literally.

The ring was custom made with my ideas which were based off or a ring I saw in store. Seeing it on my finger just fills my heart with love. My amazing Fiance went to a lot of trouble to get the ring and worked in terrible situations just to be able to afford it. I appreciate him so much!


Getting started

I hope you all had a good long weekend. If you went away I hope the weather was nice and if you stayed at home I hope your bed was warm and the hot chocolate kept flowing. Malcolm and I moved to our new house. This entailed a lot of heavy lifting (on his part) and lots of unpacking and organizing. We are most probably 60% done which isn't too bad.

The purpose if this post is to let you know that we haven't got our internet set up at the new place just yet. The Telkom peeps are coming today to install our line and it should be smooth sailing from there but in the meantime I haven't got any blog posts for you :( 

Why don't you scroll back through my blog archive (to the left of this page) and catch up on posts you may have missed. Regular posts will be up soon.


Moving day!

Everett Collection/
This weekend we will be moving into our new house! I cannot wait to unpack and decorate. Malcolm's family will be coming through and helping out so I might not be breaking as many nails as I thought. I will be posting pictures to Instagram and Twitter if I get the chance so please go ahead an follow me :)


House Of Holland Nails

Hi lovelies. I spotted these cute stick on nails at Dis-Chem over the weekend. I am not a fan of the stick on types because they ruin your nails if not removed properly but I think they are perfect for an event or party where you would  like to turn heads. If I remember correctly, they were going for about R130 per pack.

Which is your fave?


A simple winter mani to inspire you this season

There is always a giant transition from Summer to Winter in regards to beauty trends and it is often difficult to keep up to date with these trends. I know that replacing your whole wardrobe every season can bankrupt you, but how else can you stay fashionable and part of the "in kids". A simple mani can keep your look fresh and up to date, and it is totes affordable.

Nails Inc shared their top tips for trendy manicures with me recently and I found the nude look stood out to me the most. I gave it a try and I was not disappointed!

"Nude and natural: Good news for those who like to keep things natural as glossy, nude nails will be a hit this winter. The best way to wear this look is to keep your nails short and square, as seen at Dolce & Gabanna in Milan and J. Mendel and Derek Lam in New York." - Nails Inc

From left to right: MAVALA 311 Ivory Beige, Nails Inc 112 Caviar Topcoat, Essence 163 Hey, Nude! (sand effect polish) and Nails Inc 022 Caviar Basecoat.

Method: One layer of base coat, two coats of ivory beige on all fingers, two coats of hey nude on ring fingers, finish off with top coat on all nails except ones with sand effect polish. Allow for adequate drying time between coats.
The other two statement manicures this winter will be:

"Make it Metallic: No, we’re not thinking gold. This season’s take on metallic nails brings bronze, chrome, silver and swirls that mimic the moon’s surface. These colours are also great for creating textured looks, patterns and finishes." - Nails Inc

"Bold as a Berry: Berry is a key colour for the season, with lips and tips looking luscious in berry shades and wine stains. It’s a colour combination that has been a hit at Burberry with dark berry nails, and a dark plum colour being seen at Zac Posen." - Nails Inc

Which manicure will you be pulling off this winter?


I'm Getting Married!

It's official, Malcolm and I are engaged!! He surprised me on Saturday night with a beautifully romantic proposal and I was completely shocked. I will share the details with you in a blog post soon, which will be the first of my new wedding series.

I am so lucky to have this man in my life and I will soon get to call him my Husband *Enter girly sequels here*


This weeks reflections (08.06.2014)

Read what happened in my last reflections post.

What lessons did I learn that I could build upon next week? Patience is greatly rewarded (which happens to be my favourite quote). My best friend since high school, the one who recently got married, had her baby on Friday. Malcolm and I drove through to see "Baby Malachigh" and it was just so perfect. My friend has always wanted to have a family of her own and it shows that with the right amount of patience, you will get what you have always wished for. It is surreal to think that my future children will play with this little boy one day.

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? Yip!

What could I have spent more or less time doing? I could have spent less time being sick. I had a outburst of flu this whole week and I had to take time off work to rest. I am getting better though.

What was my main concern and how did I find a way to put my mind at ease? We decided to pay occupational rent for our new house, just while the paperwork is being finalized. An empty house isn't a good thing especially "Ours". I was concerned about the moving time line but Malcolm was a real savior and sorted everything out. We collected the keys on Friday and plan to move next weekend as it is a long weekend and it'll give us time to organize and unpack.

What is the first logical step for next week? All these "house owners" responsibilities are becoming a reality. Next week I need to sort out electricity accounts, Telkom lines, ADSL transfers, trailer rentals, extra hands to help unpack and move. Malcolm will help a lot, as always, but there are a few things I need to sort out myself which is where I will start.

Me and Malachigh
I will be announcing something really special tomorrow so keep your eyes on this blog :)


Mr Price INSYNC Winter Jackets

You might notice, due to the lack of "OOTD" posts, that I am not a very good fashionista however I am still a woman and I still have the urge to collect a few statement pieces to store in my wardrobe for winter. Mr Price currently has a really great range of statement jackets which, as always, are in most people's budgets.
You simply have to check out the "MRP" online store. Browse through their Casual and Formal Jackets by the Insync brand. The online service is really top notch and I haven't had any issues with delivery, even with living in the middle of nowhere (this is an exaggeration). 

The amazing peeps at Mr Price are actually running a competition right now where you can win a statement jacket! ENTER HERE

I still have some Mr Price coats from last winter, hanging in my wardrobe. My go to look for winter would definitely be comfy jeans or jeggings, a normal t-shirt with a big coat (and scarf if needed) and lastly some sexy boots, closed heels or wedges.

What is your winter style and how would you pair these statement jackets with what you currently have hanging in your wardrobe


*This was a sponsored post

Winter proof your skin - Tips from Lamelle

Lamelle research laboratories sponsored me to share some helpful tips to keep your skin healthy throughout winter. They tackle winter from a different angle, advising that the Vitamins you put in your body contribute to your skin's health. Applying skincare products can moisturize your skin but listening to some of the tips below can help you combat that "winter skin" from all angles.

Lamelle has their own quaint online magazine. Click here to view it.

By Dr Bradley Wagemaker, Medical Director, Lamelle Research Laboratories

Afraid the season will take its toll? Here are a few good and proper vitamins, nutrients, herbs and health products that can help take the sting out of winter

The information in this article should not be taken as medical advice. Always talk to your GP before taking a new supplement.

1. Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 is enjoying its time in the sun, so to speak, as recent research has confirmed its importance for our overall health. It is essential for calcium absorption, (and thus for bone growth and density). It improves the functioning of the nervous system and the heart and can even speed up muscle recovery and improve the body’s immune response. It can also boost your mood and help with the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD, or the winter blues).

Lamelle Research Laboratories offers Ovelle D3 as a Vitamin D supplement that also improves the health of your skin.

Ovelle D3
We get Vitamin D3 from the sun by spending 15 to 20 minutes per week in the sun without sunblock on. But do any of us want to risk that kind of sun exposure? And, unless you eat about half a kilogram of salmon or eggs in a week, you’re not going to get enough vitamin D from your food.

The best way to make sure you’re getting enough of this star vitamin is by taking a daily supplement. Lamelle Research Laboratories has added Vitamin D3 to their Ovelle supplement, which uses the anti-oxidant Pycnogenol™ to reduce premature skin ageing. Pycnogenol™is a patented formulation of Pine Bark Extract with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been scientifically proven to improve skin elasticity and to improve skin quality in older women. Ovelle has also been proven to reduce the symptoms of menopause. So taking Ovelle D3 will not only ensure you get enough Vitamin D3, it will also give you smoother, stronger, healthier skin while boosting your overall wellbeing.

Speak to your skincare specialist today to start taking Lamelle’s Ovelle D3.

2. Vitamin E and Omega-3
Winter can be very harsh on our skin. The decreased humidity, the fact that we tend to drink less water than in summer, and problems with circulation that resurface when the weather is cold all lead to our skin drying out. To support circulation and the health of your skin, take Vitamin E and Omega-3 supplements every day in winter. These will soften, soothe and protect your skin.

3. Vitamin C
While high doses of Vitamin C might not have any effect on the duration or severity of colds (despite what many of us have been told), it is still vital for strengthening the immune system. It is an antioxidant that helps to maintain bones and blood vessels and helps the body absorb iron. And, as a bonus, it assists in the formation of collagen, so it’s great for the skin, too.

4. Echinacea
The celebrity of the herbal supplements industry, Echinacea has antioxidant and antibiotic properties that may help to prevent the common cold. The supplement is made from parts of the flowering Echinacea plant, and some studies have shown that taking it daily increases the number of white blood cells and boosts the immune system.

5. Zinc
Zinc is essential for the functioning of the immune system, and may also treat symptoms of the common cold if you take it as soon as symptoms begin. Zinc is an effective treatment for a wide range of illnesses, from diarrhea to stomach ulcers.

6. Probiotics
The bacteria in our gut help us to digest our food –and recently scientists have found a link between these “good”bacteria (known as probiotics) and the immune system. Increasing your intake of probiotics will not only aid your digestion, it may also improve the functioning of your immune system, meaning better defences against cold-weather illnesses.

7. Iron
If you’re feeling lethargic and run-down thanks to the darkness and chill of winter, increasing your intake of iron can help to fight fatigue. Iron is necessary for your body to make red blood cells, which transport oxygen all over your body. A bit of extra iron can improve your energy levels and your intellectual performance. But don’t go overboard –having too much iron in your system is very bad for your liver and can even lead to diabetes.

For further info visit or see their latest issue of Lapelle. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


April & May favourites

1. Radox herbal hand wash with hyssop and rice milk - A few weeks ago myself and Malcolm visited some of his relatives. They had this hand wash in their bathroom and after using it, I just had to have it. It has a warm scent that fills your chest. Absolutely delicious! I got mine from Dis-Chem.

2. Feet by OPI - I have been battling with terribly dry skin including hard cracking feet *Eew*. I have been using the Feet by OPI range a lot to combat the gross feet problem I seem to have this winter. Works like a charm!

3. Pinterest - The closer moving day approaches, the more I become obsessed with the decor and DIY ideas on Pinterest. The time I have spent on Pinterest these past few weeks is either invaluable or unhealthy. I guess we'll see soon :)

4. Our new house! So we haven't moved in yet but Malcolm and I just love driving by and checking it out. I am already in love with it!

5. Hydra Oil. This product is pretty much the same as Bio oil (and probably made in the same factory) but it is a little more affordable than Bio oil. I purchased this for some stubborn stretch marks and it seems to be working. The reason it has been my favourite is because it also works as an amazing cuticle oil. I love when products have more than one use!

Read my last favourites post here :)