Icebox Colors "Metamorphose" colour changing polish | Nail polish review

Today I will be adding another Icebox Colors polish to my nail polish reviews. Read my previous reviews on Icebox Colors here.

I received this pretty polish to share with you. At first I thought it was kind of plain as it is an opaque white shade and thought that was all the polish had to offer. After doing some research, I saw that this polish is sensitive to UV light and will change colour when exposed to sunlight. It reminds me of Wall-E the movie, where the colour of the human's clothes could change in a futuristic way :)

When testing this polish, I applied two coats which gave good coverage however you could still see my nail plate underneath. Drying time was average and I did not experience any smudges. The Metamorphose polish gradually changes to a light pink shade in the sun. This colour transition takes about 8 seconds.

Overall this is a genuinely original polish that is the wallflower among other polishes. As far as I am aware, the Metamorphose polish only changes to pink but I could be wrong. I'm thinking that this would be a show stopper at Summer pool parties!

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