How we do it: Shrimp Stir Fry

We tried something new this week. Garlic and ginger shrimp stir fry! We have been eating more fish lately and thought it would be fun to venture into unknown territory. We didn't really follow one specific recipe but if you would like, here is an nice one to follow.

1. Firstly, de-poop your shrimp if not already done. Google has some advice on how to do this.

2. Have your garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper and soy sauce ready.

3. In a zip-lock bag or bowl, mix these 5 things together and lightly turn so that the ingredients are evenly spread. Set aside whilst you prepare the other ingredients (so that it can marinate). 

4. Slice and dice all your raw veggies. We used onions, carrots and broccoli.

5. To add some colour, we also chopped up some green, red and yellow peppers.

6. Fry your onions and carrots in a wok. After they have softened, add the rest of your veggies and then lastly the shrimp mixture. Once everything is cooked and your shrimp is opaque, serve with rice or cous cous

This was a really nice meal. We had it with Basmati rice and Graca wine :) One thing we will improve on when we try this again, is to go easy on the cayenne pepper. We overdid it a little. I'd also like to use more squash type veggies in the place of the peppers. We bought some chopped almonds to put on top of the stir fry but got into a feeding frenzy and forgot all about them.

What do you think? What new recipes were you happy that you tried?

Malcolm and Claire.

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