Essence over the rainbow | Nail polish review


Last week I mentioned this nail polish by Essence called over the rainbow. I bought it together with Tip Top's "calm before the storm" as they had a similar blue shade to the polish. Here's my review!

This shade by Essence is a pretty blue shade with hypnotic shimmer particles. I only had to apply two coats to get good coverage. Unfortunately I experienced terrible smudging and chips/grazes. The formula just refused to harden.

At first I though it was the top coat I was using but I re-did the mani without a top coat and it still turned out terrible. I don't normally exaggerate these things but even the next day, the polish was soft and any gentle graze would warp the polish. I was rather disgruntled with this purchase.

Overall it is a beautiful colour but the formula was stubborn, refused to harden and if I was chatting to you face to face, I would say, "aint nobody got time for that". This one bad experience wont make me stop buying Essence products as they give great quality for the price you pay. I will try match this with a hardcore top coat and see if there is any difference.

What is your favorite colour to wear during the winter months?


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