Clicks Chocolate Mud Mask | Skincare Review

I have started my own little tradition. Every Saturday morning before getting ready for the day, usually around breakfast time, I wear a face mask. Lately have been feeling the harmful effects of the nasty dry winter air (even though winter is my favourite season, it can suck sometimes) and I don't have a set skincare routine...yet. This new weekend tradition will ensure that I put moisture back into my skin and its a great excuse to have a mini pamper session.

I visited Clicks a few weeks ago to browse their face mask section, in preparation for the next few weekends, and I was pleased at what they had to offer. The last time I bought a face mask from Clicks was probably back in 2010, before I went on Roaccutane. Since then, they stock their own brand of mud masks. 

I much prefer the mud masks to those one piece mask sheets that never fit your face and end up sliding off the moment you move. The mud masks allow you to carry on with daily chores and wont get in your way. I was keen to try the Sorbet masks but they only had those horrid sheet masks.

Can I just express that I think chocolate is amazing! I'll make no limitations when it comes to lathering chocolate goodies on my face. This mask smells delicious and I was tempted to lick if off. I reckon that if I wear this face mask and lather myself in Palmers cocoa butter formula, I'll be a walking chocolate E-Clair treat (haha see what I did there?).

The purpose of this mask, or at least what I was hoping it would do, is to clean out those groggy pores and maybe soften up and moisturize flaky skin. The cleansing part went really well but I felt that my skin was a tad parched. This wasn't a biggie, I just used some moisturizing serum afterwards.

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Overall, Considering that this mask was only R25, I am impressed. There was a real indulging feeling whilst wearing this mask and my pores felt a lot less clogged. Malcolm wasn't a fan because the dark brown seems to be "scarier" to look at than the usual green masks woman wear. Malcolm also hates when beauty products smell like food. He thinks food should stay in the kitchen and woman should smell like rose gardens and pretty flowers.

One last thing to take note of is that one sachet is enough for two applications. Seal the sachet well and you'll be able to use the second half another time :) I wasn't able to do this with The Body Shop's Tea Tree Face Mask.

Do you have any recommendations? I am yearning for other brands to try out! Comment below :)



  1. This sounds great! I used to buy maskes like this all the time but they actually work out quite pricey over time (especially if it is only 1 application). So I save up and buy myself a tube instead. But I am still a sucker for the cloth masks - it is always funny wearing them :P

  2. I was wondering about those tube masks. I'll try those out next :) Thanks for commenting!