Calm Before The Storm | Nail polish review

Oh boy, it has been pretty hectic lately. Please excuse the lack of posts at the moment. It wont always be like this. Buying a house is quite time consuming.

Before all the moving officially starts and my nails are still in good shape, I thought I would share my recent nail polish purchase which is "Calm before the storm" by Tip Top nails. The name seems pretty ironic right now :)

My camera doesn't do this shade much justice but you can view other swatches by my fellow bloggers Ordinary Misfit and Painted Fingertips

This was the only shade from Tip Top's "Silence" collection that seemed like a winter colour (in my opinion). The others were a bit too light and didn't seem very opaque. I am very happy with my choice. I also bought Essence's "over the rainbow" which is slightly similar but I will review that in a separate post.

Overall this soft purple-blue polish is very easy to wear as it matches most items in my winter wardrobe. It applies well and is very opaque. You could get away with one coat if you have a good, steady, hand at painting your nails. A great buy for only R39.95!

Please view last winters post here, where I share my winter polishes. I still have all of them and will be wearing them throughout the next few months.

What is your favourite nail polish at the moment? Comment below.



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