Beauty secrets for pleasing him and only him

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A casual dinner date:
It doesn’t matter how long you and your man have been dating, you’re still excited to see him and want everything to be just perfect on “the night”. Take some extra time to calm your nerves and pamper yourself, you’ll be left feeling great on the inside and gleaming on the outside. Simply follow Veet's Dinner Date tips:

· Nothing is worse than unshaved underarms, use a bikini & underarm cream to remove unwanted hair before a date, you’ll be silky smooth before you know it.

· Get rid of all your pre-date nerves by taking a long, hot, relaxing bath. The bath will also soften up and smooth out your skin.

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That planned romantic date

Keeping the romance alive in any relationship is not as difficult as it seems. From leaving simple love notes around the house to a well-planned romantic date, a little alone time with your man is sure to rekindle the great feelings between the two of you. Feeling great about yourself is a must, but also:

· Ensure that your skin is silky smooth by using a good quality hair removal cream on your legs, bikini line and underarms.

· Grab your favourite perfume and spritz your body, behind your ears and on your wrists. These are the areas that will warm up naturally and release your perfume throughout the whole night.

· Falling over drunk is not a good look on anyone, so rather drink slower and enjoy the evening.

Every day

You never know when you may have a spontaneous moment with your man, which is why you would want to feel silky smooth and well pampered all the time. Veet products take a few minutes to remove any unwanted hair from your legs, bikini line and underarms, so there’s no harm in setting aside a few minutes every day, for leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and you feeling confident:

· Use a wax to remove unwanted hair; but use a products that will give you a long lasting, silky smooth feeling.

· Being a confident woman comes from within so take some time to spoil and pamper yourself, a little ‘me time’ will never go to waste.

· Go out and buy yourself some new underwear. New underwear will always leave you feeling sexy and confident.

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