5 Things: I love about being a "grown up"

Lets face it, being an adult can be pretty suckie. There are endless heaps of responsibilities with added pressure to always fit in "somewhere". Oh, and don't forget that you have to make your own food for the rest of your life (this one was a real bummer for me). Here are a few small things that made me realize that being an adult is way cooler than being a kid!

1. Piercings and tattoos. This was a big issue when I was in high school. I wanted to get a few piercings and tattoos but mother would always say "Not until you're 18!". Now I could go whenever I want, although, I think the piercing phase has passed :) Tattoos are definitely still on the cards.

2. Hand-me-downs are cool now. I was the youngest of 3 kids and a few family friends. This meant a lot of hand me down clothes which I kicked up a fuss when wearing. Now that I'm an adult, if someone offers clothes that they aren't using anymore, I will be the first to put my hand up.

3. Not having to "shotgun" the front seat. Having my drivers license means that I get to drive and sit in the front of the car. There is no fighting with my siblings about who gets the seat next to mom. My older brother, sister and I used to have epic fights over this. I wonder if my kids will be the same one day. Eek!

4. You can become that crazy cat lady whenever you want. I am definitely an animal person and we always had tons of cats when I was younger. By the time I was in high school we didn't have any and I really wanted an army of precious cat-people. Now that I can make the decision of buying pets myself, makes my heart very happy (obviously being a responsible pet owner is a must. I wont get pets if I cannot look after them).

5. I now understand the power of an nicely toned, shirtless man. When I was little and overheard an old lady speaking about how sexy a man was, I kind of imagined her bedside drawer to be filled with handcuffs, butt plugs and all things 50 shades of grey, not that I knew about that stuff back then, that's just the "creepy lady" vibe I got. Now it all just makes natural post-puberty-and-lady-hormone sense.

I asked on Twitter how you felt about being an adult. Here is what some had to say.

Thanks to Charlene, Chantal and Sonette for sending me their tweets :)

Comment below on why you think being an adult is actually pretty great.



  1. Thought I would share my 5 things.
    1. Definitely being able to drive
    2. Starting my own family (even though it does not include kids right now)
    3. No set bedtime
    4. I can go out without having to tell my parents where I am and who is going to be there.
    5. Eating as much junk food as I want without being moaned at

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Charlene. I can definitely understand the family thing. Also, number 5 can be quite dangerous :P