The writing is on the wall | Home Decor

Since buying a house, I have spent countless hours browsing Pinterest for decor Ideas, DIY tips to save money as well as the tons of gadgets that would make our place look awesome when we do officially move in. The possibilities are endless! I was pretty chuffed when given a sponsored opportunity to share Hommy, a wall decal brand.

Hommy DIY Wall Art will transform a blank wall into a creative work of art. These Vinyl wall stickers take functional art to a new level; certain designs include hooks, photo frames, lamp shades and LED lights. There is a Hommy design for every room.

Coat Stand comes with 4 hooks, on which you can hang your jackets and hats. This is a great space saving idea as bulky coat racks can take up much needed space in your home.
You can find these kitties at selected Makro stores for around R129.99.

Forget the pen marks on a door frame. Record your child’s growth on this cute height chart. Includes a LED night light.
You can find this for your little one at selected Pick N Pay stores for around R369.99 (night light included).

Store your products in style with this tree decal which comes with 3 shelves.
Find this at selected Pick N Pay Stores for R299.99.

This memo board has the write idea. Three pots are supplied with this vinyl sticker which can be used to store pens, pencils and other office accessories.
Shop for this cute office memo borard at selected Makro stores for R159.99.

These bright ideas include real lamp shades. They are battery operated.
Recommended Retail Price: R299.99; Recommended Retail Price: R349.99
Stockist: Selected Makro Stores; Stockist: Selected Boardmans Stores

These cute Hommy designs can add detail to an otherwise dull space in your home. I will definitely be looking into the option of using these in our new house, especially that coat stand decal.

Hommy range distributed by Wechsler (011) 445 3393

5 Things: I love about being a "grown up"

Lets face it, being an adult can be pretty suckie. There are endless heaps of responsibilities with added pressure to always fit in "somewhere". Oh, and don't forget that you have to make your own food for the rest of your life (this one was a real bummer for me). Here are a few small things that made me realize that being an adult is way cooler than being a kid!

1. Piercings and tattoos. This was a big issue when I was in high school. I wanted to get a few piercings and tattoos but mother would always say "Not until you're 18!". Now I could go whenever I want, although, I think the piercing phase has passed :) Tattoos are definitely still on the cards.

2. Hand-me-downs are cool now. I was the youngest of 3 kids and a few family friends. This meant a lot of hand me down clothes which I kicked up a fuss when wearing. Now that I'm an adult, if someone offers clothes that they aren't using anymore, I will be the first to put my hand up.

3. Not having to "shotgun" the front seat. Having my drivers license means that I get to drive and sit in the front of the car. There is no fighting with my siblings about who gets the seat next to mom. My older brother, sister and I used to have epic fights over this. I wonder if my kids will be the same one day. Eek!

4. You can become that crazy cat lady whenever you want. I am definitely an animal person and we always had tons of cats when I was younger. By the time I was in high school we didn't have any and I really wanted an army of precious cat-people. Now that I can make the decision of buying pets myself, makes my heart very happy (obviously being a responsible pet owner is a must. I wont get pets if I cannot look after them).

5. I now understand the power of an nicely toned, shirtless man. When I was little and overheard an old lady speaking about how sexy a man was, I kind of imagined her bedside drawer to be filled with handcuffs, butt plugs and all things 50 shades of grey, not that I knew about that stuff back then, that's just the "creepy lady" vibe I got. Now it all just makes natural post-puberty-and-lady-hormone sense.

I asked on Twitter how you felt about being an adult. Here is what some had to say.

Thanks to Charlene, Chantal and Sonette for sending me their tweets :)

Comment below on why you think being an adult is actually pretty great.


Clicks Chocolate Mud Mask | Skincare Review

I have started my own little tradition. Every Saturday morning before getting ready for the day, usually around breakfast time, I wear a face mask. Lately have been feeling the harmful effects of the nasty dry winter air (even though winter is my favourite season, it can suck sometimes) and I don't have a set skincare routine...yet. This new weekend tradition will ensure that I put moisture back into my skin and its a great excuse to have a mini pamper session.

I visited Clicks a few weeks ago to browse their face mask section, in preparation for the next few weekends, and I was pleased at what they had to offer. The last time I bought a face mask from Clicks was probably back in 2010, before I went on Roaccutane. Since then, they stock their own brand of mud masks. 

I much prefer the mud masks to those one piece mask sheets that never fit your face and end up sliding off the moment you move. The mud masks allow you to carry on with daily chores and wont get in your way. I was keen to try the Sorbet masks but they only had those horrid sheet masks.

Can I just express that I think chocolate is amazing! I'll make no limitations when it comes to lathering chocolate goodies on my face. This mask smells delicious and I was tempted to lick if off. I reckon that if I wear this face mask and lather myself in Palmers cocoa butter formula, I'll be a walking chocolate E-Clair treat (haha see what I did there?).

The purpose of this mask, or at least what I was hoping it would do, is to clean out those groggy pores and maybe soften up and moisturize flaky skin. The cleansing part went really well but I felt that my skin was a tad parched. This wasn't a biggie, I just used some moisturizing serum afterwards.

As seen on Instagram
Overall, Considering that this mask was only R25, I am impressed. There was a real indulging feeling whilst wearing this mask and my pores felt a lot less clogged. Malcolm wasn't a fan because the dark brown seems to be "scarier" to look at than the usual green masks woman wear. Malcolm also hates when beauty products smell like food. He thinks food should stay in the kitchen and woman should smell like rose gardens and pretty flowers.

One last thing to take note of is that one sachet is enough for two applications. Seal the sachet well and you'll be able to use the second half another time :) I wasn't able to do this with The Body Shop's Tea Tree Face Mask.

Do you have any recommendations? I am yearning for other brands to try out! Comment below :)


How we do it: Shrimp Stir Fry

We tried something new this week. Garlic and ginger shrimp stir fry! We have been eating more fish lately and thought it would be fun to venture into unknown territory. We didn't really follow one specific recipe but if you would like, here is an nice one to follow.

1. Firstly, de-poop your shrimp if not already done. Google has some advice on how to do this.

2. Have your garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper and soy sauce ready.

3. In a zip-lock bag or bowl, mix these 5 things together and lightly turn so that the ingredients are evenly spread. Set aside whilst you prepare the other ingredients (so that it can marinate). 

4. Slice and dice all your raw veggies. We used onions, carrots and broccoli.

5. To add some colour, we also chopped up some green, red and yellow peppers.

6. Fry your onions and carrots in a wok. After they have softened, add the rest of your veggies and then lastly the shrimp mixture. Once everything is cooked and your shrimp is opaque, serve with rice or cous cous

This was a really nice meal. We had it with Basmati rice and Graca wine :) One thing we will improve on when we try this again, is to go easy on the cayenne pepper. We overdid it a little. I'd also like to use more squash type veggies in the place of the peppers. We bought some chopped almonds to put on top of the stir fry but got into a feeding frenzy and forgot all about them.

What do you think? What new recipes were you happy that you tried?

Malcolm and Claire.

Essence over the rainbow | Nail polish review

Last week I mentioned this nail polish by Essence called over the rainbow. I bought it together with Tip Top's "calm before the storm" as they had a similar blue shade to the polish. Here's my review!

This shade by Essence is a pretty blue shade with hypnotic shimmer particles. I only had to apply two coats to get good coverage. Unfortunately I experienced terrible smudging and chips/grazes. The formula just refused to harden.

At first I though it was the top coat I was using but I re-did the mani without a top coat and it still turned out terrible. I don't normally exaggerate these things but even the next day, the polish was soft and any gentle graze would warp the polish. I was rather disgruntled with this purchase.

Overall it is a beautiful colour but the formula was stubborn, refused to harden and if I was chatting to you face to face, I would say, "aint nobody got time for that". This one bad experience wont make me stop buying Essence products as they give great quality for the price you pay. I will try match this with a hardcore top coat and see if there is any difference.

What is your favorite colour to wear during the winter months?


My Monday Song

Here is another "Monday song" 

Malcolm and I "jam" (yes we really do say jam) to this on a daily basis, why should today be any different? This girl has grown on me :)


This weeks reflections (18.05.2014)

Read what happened in last weeks reflections post.

What lessons did I learn that I could build upon next week? This stays the same from last week. Time spent working hard is time never wasted. Give your all and you will reap the rewards.

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? Most definitely!

What could I have spent more or less time doing? I could have spent less time packing boxes. Seeing as we don't have an exact moving date, this seemed like something that could have been done at a later sage but I am just so excited about the move and heaving our own "grown up" place. Packing makes it seem more realistic for now.

What was my main concern and how did I find a way to put my mind at ease? My main concern this week was deciphering the timeline that we have to work with. It seems this house buying thing can take anything from 4 weeks up to 8 weeks. There's no real rush to get out of the place we are currently renting but its a shoe box sized bachelor pad and I am going crazy. The sooner we move the faster my sanity levels with normalize again.

What is the first logical step for next week? Malcolm and I have a few more documents to sign before the lawyers start the transfer of the property into our name. Not much else can be done for now so we play the not-so-fun "waiting game".

I hope you have a great week!


Win one of 2 R1000 shopping vouchers from MR Price Sport

Who doesn't like winning, right? Our friends at Mr Price Sport have a competition running right now where each month you can win a R1000 Mr price shopping voucher by signing up to their newsletter*.

Be ahead of the crowd and receive the monthly MRPSports "Get into it" magazine as a digital edition. Issue 10 is out now and is full of great content for all of you outdoor lovers with features ranging from camping tips to hiking trails or simply what to pack for padkos! I must say that it is one of the nicest digital magazines I have seen in a while. Very fancy! Check it out here 

And that's not all - Get the latest on new arrivals, whats hot, once-off promotions, exclusive giveaways, behind-the-scenes footage and top tips from your favorite sporting heroes. So what are you waiting for - enter the competition now:

If you weren't aware, Mr Price Sport has a slightly different range of clothing (and not just sports gear) than the more popular Mr Price stores. Here are a few items that spotted my eye. I found these in the 10th issue of "Get into it".

You can buy these and other items with your R1000 Mr Price Sport voucher so don't forget to enter!


*This was a sponsored post

Calm Before The Storm | Nail polish review

Oh boy, it has been pretty hectic lately. Please excuse the lack of posts at the moment. It wont always be like this. Buying a house is quite time consuming.

Before all the moving officially starts and my nails are still in good shape, I thought I would share my recent nail polish purchase which is "Calm before the storm" by Tip Top nails. The name seems pretty ironic right now :)

My camera doesn't do this shade much justice but you can view other swatches by my fellow bloggers Ordinary Misfit and Painted Fingertips

This was the only shade from Tip Top's "Silence" collection that seemed like a winter colour (in my opinion). The others were a bit too light and didn't seem very opaque. I am very happy with my choice. I also bought Essence's "over the rainbow" which is slightly similar but I will review that in a separate post.

Overall this soft purple-blue polish is very easy to wear as it matches most items in my winter wardrobe. It applies well and is very opaque. You could get away with one coat if you have a good, steady, hand at painting your nails. A great buy for only R39.95!

Please view last winters post here, where I share my winter polishes. I still have all of them and will be wearing them throughout the next few months.

What is your favourite nail polish at the moment? Comment below.


This weeks reflections (11.05.2014)

Read what happened in my last reflections post.

What lessons did I learn that I could build upon next week? Hard work is never time wasted. If you put a considerable amount of effort into something, you will soon start to reap the rewards, Although, you need to be careful about burning yourself out. That is quite a fine line.

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? Most definitely!

What could I have spent more or less time doing? I could have spent less time stressing about our new house. 

What was my main concern and how did I find a way to put my mind at ease? We heard back from the banks of Friday and our bond was approved! *Girly squeals of joy*. This hasn't put my mind at ease just yet as a lot can happen between now and getting the official ownership papers. Malcolm and I had a mini celebration dinner on Friday night. The food was simply amazing!

What is the first logical step for next week? Once the paperwork on our new house is finalized, it's go time for scheduling a moving plan. Malcolm will also be away for work from the 18th so packing up the house will be my baby. It's all very exciting and once we're settled, I will finally be able to have my cat with me again (Our current place is too small so she is staying with my mom). Cannot wait for this new life experience.

On one last note, I need this t-shirt in my life!

I hope you all have a great start to your week.


Icebox Colors "Metamorphose" colour changing polish | Nail polish review

Today I will be adding another Icebox Colors polish to my nail polish reviews. Read my previous reviews on Icebox Colors here.

I received this pretty polish to share with you. At first I thought it was kind of plain as it is an opaque white shade and thought that was all the polish had to offer. After doing some research, I saw that this polish is sensitive to UV light and will change colour when exposed to sunlight. It reminds me of Wall-E the movie, where the colour of the human's clothes could change in a futuristic way :)

When testing this polish, I applied two coats which gave good coverage however you could still see my nail plate underneath. Drying time was average and I did not experience any smudges. The Metamorphose polish gradually changes to a light pink shade in the sun. This colour transition takes about 8 seconds.

Overall this is a genuinely original polish that is the wallflower among other polishes. As far as I am aware, the Metamorphose polish only changes to pink but I could be wrong. I'm thinking that this would be a show stopper at Summer pool parties!

Follow Icebox Colors on Facebook to keep up to date with pretty polish news and hop over to their website to browse the other polishes they have to offer.

What do you think of colour changing polish?


Beauty secrets for pleasing him and only him

Image source

A casual dinner date:
It doesn’t matter how long you and your man have been dating, you’re still excited to see him and want everything to be just perfect on “the night”. Take some extra time to calm your nerves and pamper yourself, you’ll be left feeling great on the inside and gleaming on the outside. Simply follow Veet's Dinner Date tips:

· Nothing is worse than unshaved underarms, use a bikini & underarm cream to remove unwanted hair before a date, you’ll be silky smooth before you know it.

· Get rid of all your pre-date nerves by taking a long, hot, relaxing bath. The bath will also soften up and smooth out your skin.

Image source
That planned romantic date

Keeping the romance alive in any relationship is not as difficult as it seems. From leaving simple love notes around the house to a well-planned romantic date, a little alone time with your man is sure to rekindle the great feelings between the two of you. Feeling great about yourself is a must, but also:

· Ensure that your skin is silky smooth by using a good quality hair removal cream on your legs, bikini line and underarms.

· Grab your favourite perfume and spritz your body, behind your ears and on your wrists. These are the areas that will warm up naturally and release your perfume throughout the whole night.

· Falling over drunk is not a good look on anyone, so rather drink slower and enjoy the evening.

Every day

You never know when you may have a spontaneous moment with your man, which is why you would want to feel silky smooth and well pampered all the time. Veet products take a few minutes to remove any unwanted hair from your legs, bikini line and underarms, so there’s no harm in setting aside a few minutes every day, for leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and you feeling confident:

· Use a wax to remove unwanted hair; but use a products that will give you a long lasting, silky smooth feeling.

· Being a confident woman comes from within so take some time to spoil and pamper yourself, a little ‘me time’ will never go to waste.

· Go out and buy yourself some new underwear. New underwear will always leave you feeling sexy and confident.

This post was sponsored by Veet, read more beauty tips from the beauty experts at the Veet Beauty Secrets.