What's been happening?

One of my visions for this blog was to share a bit more on my personal events and so on. I have been mildly failing at this so I thought I would do a blog post on what has been happening these past two weeks. I also hope to do more reflections posts seeing as that doesn't happen anymore :)

Starting with two-ish weekends ago, I spent the weekend with my older sister and best friend (the one who just got married). Saturday morning we went to the Baba Indaba at the Sandton Convention Centre. My Bestie is expecting her first baby in June. We found some really cool brands and gadgets including a mom version of Ruby box called the mom box. After that we walked over to Sandton City and enjoyed lunch at Nelson Mandela Square.

My preggo bestie and I at Nelson Mandela Square
All three of us searched desperately for a Yankee Candle store but to no avail. Before wrapping our afternoon visit, we had some delicious Smooch which my sister was excited to try for the first time. My sister and I went back to her place, freshened up and went out to Monte Casino. I love the feel of that 'mall'. We had some Cosmopolitans at Donatellas before watching the new Captain America movie.

The work week was pretty mundane. Seeing as I work from home, nothing exciting really happens in regards to scenery changes or meeting with clients at awesome restaurants. One thing that was new...Malcolm and I are considering purchasing a house. This is a terrifying venture but we think it would be awesome to have a place of our own. My mind has been kept quite busy with this as there are a bunch of things you wouldn't normally consider when you rent. Schools in the area, a big garden for kids and family pets and of course, what will the area be like in 10 years time if you need to sell. Tips are welcome :)

Last week I was a guest blogger at Lipgloss Kisses

Chicara is one of my all time favourite bloggers and Lipgloss kisses inspired me to start my very own blog. In the guest post I review a shower gel from The Body Shop. Please go check it out.

Bringing you up to this past weekend, Malcolm and I did some more house hunting and caught up on much needed sleep. Early on Sunday morning, Malcolm played a hockey match (He plays for the Vaal University of Technology) which his team sadly lost but they played really well. Somewhere during the match, he got hit with a stick on his ankle, which is now swollen to the size of an apple. Luckily he doesn't have matches for the next two weeks so he can heal properly.

I had to zoom in really closely for this photo so apologies for the bad quality.
That's pretty much all I have to update you on until next week. If you're bored, here's something cool I stumbled upon :) I also have some added snaps down below for you to feast your eyes on. Not to self: Start using Instagram again.

I hope you have had a great week so far!

My Sister and I with the infamous Nelson Mandela statue.
This is the breakfast of champions I ate at Mugg and Bean Montecasino
Monte casino had a One-D world thing going on where giddy teens could buy One Direction merchandise. Too many screaming girls so early on a Sunday morning.

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