This weeks reflections (27.04.2014)

Read what happened in last weeks reflections post.

What lessons did I learn that I could build upon next week? I did mention this earlier in the year but this week I was reminded to give myself more credit for what I do and how well I do it. This will start a chain reaction for always bettering yourself and your skills. Also, Malcolm and I have felt like proper grown ups for the first time. This is something I'd like to keep building on.

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? This stays the same from last week. My short term goals are very clear to me which makes it easier to stay focused.

What could I have spent more or less time doing? I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and day dreaming of interior decorating. I do feel guilty but it actually calms me and clears my head.

What was my main concern and how did I find a way to put my mind at ease? A lot has happened from last week to this week. Malcolm and I found the perfect house and we actually put an offer to purchase in place and we are going crazy with anticipation. Purchasing a property takes a few months to finalize (if we get it) and patience is not our strong point. 

What is the first logical step for next week? It's a long weekend once again so doing some down time relaxation is on the cards. Also, with all the house prep and paperwork, staying as organised as possible right now will help. Maybe we should start packing or will that jinx it?

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I hope you had a fantastic Sunday.

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