The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask | Skincare review

Can you feel you skin getting dry from the crisp Autumn air? I definitely can, especially my face and lips. On one of my trips back to 'Civilization' (Vereeniging is quite a small town), I bought a few face masks from The Body Shop. I was pretty stoked to try them out because I love face masks and I have not tried face masks from The Body Shop before.

The tea tree face mask got first dibs on being lathered onto my face.
R25 for the tea tree face mask which is good for one application
My first impressions were drawn to the freshness of the face mask. It has a slight minty tingle to it which might not be ideal in winter but can cool down puffy and irritated skin. After 20min, I washed the mask off with warm water and a face cloth. My skin felt really smooth afterwards. It got rid of all those knobbly black heads (which you always feel when running your fingers lightly over your face) and my pores were a little smaller.

Face mask selfie!
Overall I would definitely buy this face mask again but rather during the summer months. It is rather affordable as the face masks you find at Clicks are around the same price range. The Body shop is a brand that I will always trust because it never disappoints. Hopefully they open one on my side of the world.

The other mask I bought was a Vitamin E moisturizing mask also from the body shop which I will review during winter when my skin really really needs it.

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P.S. Don't wear this mask around your boyfriend because the chance of him laughing and making alien jokes is pretty high. There's a reason we leave these for girls nights and sleepovers.

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