Fallen soldiers on the battlefield of beauty | Nail polish review

This morning I dropped a whole box of polishes on my tiled floor (Yip, it's going to be one of those days). Three broke completely and covered my floor, making it look like a murder scene, and another two are semi cracked but still usable. To mourn the loss of these three fallen soldiers, I am doing a nail post on one of the survivors.

I know the crackle nail trend is probably at it's end but I thought I would share Bloom's crackle nail polish which I have recently found to be the best one I have ever tried (so far).

In the picture I am wearing Essence's sand effect polish in "here's my number" and Bloom's white crackle polish. I love how 'realistic' this crackle spreads. It is unlike the Tip Top and Essence polishes I have tried. I also love that the white is very opaque so that it can be used on top of darker colours.

I am not sure where you can find this nail polish and how much it goes for as it was sent to me in a hamper. If you spot it, let me know on Twitter so that I can retweet it :)

Lookout for an Easter nail art post with this crackle polish coming soon.


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