El Cheapo Invisibobble | Hair care review

If you don't know what an "Invisibobble" is, check out some images here. They are described as traceless hair rings (a fancy word for hair ties or scrunchies). There is a considerable amount of hype over theses as they have redefined comfort when wearing a ponytail. 

To be honest, I couldn't really care for these as my normal hair bands work just fine and I don't like spending money on gimmicks however I like to buy things that are affordable (I mean, who doesn't!) and I know a good deal when I see one. Recently I spotted, and immediately snatched up, these "El Cheapo" versions of the Invisibobble at Dis-Chem. Can you believe you get 5 for R9.99!? And they even look like the real deal. Unfortunately they only had black but for my dark hair, they will do just fine.

I guess the purpose of this post is to let you know about this great deal. I doubt these el cheapo versions are made of the same quality rubber/plastic and they might break sooner than the originals but really now...it will be a R10 well spent! It may also give you an idea as to whether you want to invest in the original Invisibobble.

You can purchase the original Invisibobble at Rubybox and Retailbox online for around R80 (for three). More info about the Invisibobble here.

Tweet me your opinions. Do you have the original invisibobble?


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