5 things: Pet peeves

1. The word pet peeve is a big irritation for me. It isn't comfortable to get off the tongue and it doesn't really make sense if you haven't read up the history of the word.

2. Watching a series and you have 1 episode missing right in the middle of the season when things are getting juicy.

3. Stray hairs (from my head) which land ever so gracefully on my arms and my cleavage. I have a mini freak out session because I think it's a spider or a scary looking bug. This happens on a daily basis.

4. I hate the fact that mayonnaise bottles are so deep. Once you have to scrape the last bits from the bottom, your spoons handle (the one you're suppose to hold) gets full of mayo and you end up reenacting a scene from Edward scissor hands.

5. No makeup selfies. Posting a photo without any makeup on helps cancer research!? Yeah because that makes sense....

What are some of your pet peeves?

Have a great weekend!

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