We got this!

Today marks Malcolm and my four and a half year anniversary of being together. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and caring partner. People always say this but it has become true in my own life...it's like we met yesterday...

Malcolm and I met at the nightclub Trademarx (on Loftus Versveld in Pretoria). At the time, I was working as a Receptionist at a Dance Studio and he was in his first year at Tuks. We were two completely different people but loved chatting (when mxit was still the in thing. hahaha) and hanging out.

Over the years we have gel'd into one unit yet still holding our own personalities, which do clash sometimes. Being together this long has taught me that without understanding, compromise and communication, relationships start to become self-destructive.

If Malcolm and I ever worry about life's obstacles or argue we just take a minute to reflect and say "WE GOT THIS"!

I cant wait till I share our 10, 20 and even 60 year anniversaries!


  1. So special! Congrats and may you share many more years together XXX