This week's reflections (07.03.2014)

For the next few weeks I will be mixing in some new questions for my reflections as some of the answers don't change much from week to week. Read what happened last week.

What lessons did learn that I could build upon next week? Investing time will pay off most of the time. Whether its your studies, relationship or your new diet, investing time is really valuable and it a great way to reap rewards for time well spent. I have yet to see this firsthand only because I get bored easily. Persistence and patience will help me achieve my goals.

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? Yes.

What could I have spent more or less time doing? I could have spent less time procrastinating and more time focusing on work.

What was my main concern and how did I find a put my mind at ease? I am a bit concerned about my health lately. Having a bladder infection made me realize that I'm not sixteen anymore and with age comes health issues. Being on a medical aid is really comforting, knowing that if something serious happens I can get medical treatment, but I also need to take preventative steps such as invest in multivitamins on a daily basis...for both Malcolm and I!

What is the first logical step for next week? With my best friend's wedding out of the way I can really plan a bit better, financially, in terms of car and house hunting.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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