Oops I did it again - more Essence | Nail polish review

There I was, innocently browsing in Dis-Chem (I use the word innocent very lightly) and as always, like a fishing hook catching a big one, I got reeled in to the Essence Cosmetics stand. Usually by the time I get there most of the good stuff is already sold out (which I am never sad about as I loving seeing one of my favourite brands doing so well), but this time I hit the jackpot.

Left to right: hello spring!, be my lucky star, hello rosy
A new order must have just been unpacked because there were so many new goodies for me to feast my eyes on. Out of the many handfuls I chose, I had to scale down and I settled on these three. I am so glad we finally have access to more sand effect polishes after I got attached to me and my lover.

Whilst swatching the colours on one hand instead of giving each polish their own limelight like I do in my usual nail polish review posts (I wanted this to be a quick post), I became quite fond of all three colours together. 

Here they are:

Besides all the magical new shades, Essence also has a new "effect polish" range to go with the effect nails collection I mentioned here. I nearly peed my pant...so exciting! It seems you get Shimmer, Sugar and Jewels. There is also a new, more curved, bottle...probably to differentiate from Catrice's polishes (if you didn't know, Catrice is Essence's big sister) .

(There was also a second row below this but my brain had a nail polish freakout and had to reboot.)

To top it all of (the oh-so sweet cherry on top), Essence also has scented polishes in a "nail candies" inspired range. I did sneak a sniff of one of the bottles and it didn't smell too great but I think the point is for you to apply it and wait for the nail polish fumes to evaporate. Would love to try this!

Sjoe! What I am trying to say is that you need to get to your closest Dis-Chem store with a few R50 notes and take advantage!

That is all...