Nails Inc Bling it on Rebel (leather effect) | Nail polish review

More nails! Here's my review on the Bling it on Rebel kit from Nails Inc which is available at selected Red Square and Edgars stores. I received this just after they launched last year (better late than never).

This picture has a funny story. My camera had a freak-out moment and the image turned out like this. I wouldn't let me view the image on my cell phone but once transferred to my PC it came out pretty awesome. This set the feel for the rest of my images. All by a technological glitch. Pretty cool right?
The kit comes in a neat box containing your nail polish (which is from the leather effect range), nail glue, embellishments such as rhinestones, gems and skulls as well as cuticles sticks to help with applying the crystals.

The process is pretty simple. Paint your nails as you normally would, with the leather effect polish in the colour "Shoreditch Lane", wait till completely dry and when you're ready to create your rebel look, use the nail glue to stick on your gems. It's like a grown up version of sticker albums!

You can really go wild with patterns and which nail/s you would like the embellishments to be on. I like the traditional ring finger and thumb. The embellishments I chose in the pictures above were randomly selected. The nail glue provided is pretty hardcore. You don't need to worry about your skulls suddenly falling off and rolling away. Mine even survived washing dishes for a week!

Overall this is a really funky nail art kit offered to us by Nails Inc. I find it to be rather rebellious (haha) and fun. The darker tone of the nail polish is right up my alley for winter and the "leather" texture will add something different to your plain leggings and winter cardigan. 

What do you think?



  1. Replies
    1. I love that it's something different. With thousands of nail polish brands and shades, it can be difficult to be original.

  2. Beautiful Colour! Love the little skull

    1. This would have gone so well with your oxblood outfit posts from last winter :)