How we do it: Snack bowls

In my effort to cut down some terrible eating habits, I have come up with a pretty clever idea. Healthy home-made snack bowls to enjoy when ever you're feeling nibbly.

My biggest weakness is snacking on unhealthy food high in carbohydrates and I usually eat them at the completely wrong times of the day. For a brief period in January (about 3 weeks) I had a make shift "food journal" which I filled in everyday to track which foods I eat at what times of the day. I found out that I did tons of unnecessary snacking and that is one of the reasons for my recent weight gain. 

Obviously the snack bowl idea did not originate from me. You can purchase snack packs at most grocery stores with dried fruit, peanuts and other healthy consumables however those aren't made to your own custom diet and favourite tastes.

For my bowls I used KFC Kream Ball containers (turning bad food into good food) but seal-able plastic containers would work much better...I am still getting there. I have about 8 bowls so these last 2 days between Malcolm and I (2 bowls each, each day). In these bowls I have Safari raisins, no name pecan nuts, Spar cheese-bread sticks and Salticrax. I have included some carbs just because I know my body and I really need it otherwise I will binge snack on buttered toasts etc. The fact that I haven't eaten proper bread in over a week means that this system may actually work.

So this is how my food day goes:
Breakfast 07:30 am
Snack bowl 10:30 am
Light lunch 12:30 pm
Snack Bowl 2:30 pm
Dinner 5:30 pm
Fresh fruit 7:30 pm

I would like to phase out the carbs at some point and just have fruits and nuts in these snack bowls but for now it works! 

Do you do something similar to this and what do you put in your snack bowls?


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